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Activating our Multidimensional Blueprint
in  Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley

9 days of Peruvian adventure, practice, guidance & activations
with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

5 - 14 November 2018

1,888 euros

Includes: 9 nights accommodation (2 per room), airport pick-up & transfer, 2 meals per day, all internal trains & buses, entrance fees to all sacred sites (including 2 days in Machu Picchu), indigenous guides, tuition & activations with Solara An-Ra and powerful ceremonies with Q'ero shamans.
Single room supplement US$ 290 (240 euros)

Doesn't include: Flights to Lima,  internal flights between Lima to Cusco (where we begin).
Optional activities such as hikes in Machu Picchu, which cost up to $US60
Deposit to reserve your place: 888 euros
Make payment with PayPal
Balance 1,000 euros (transfer details will be given)

A Message from the guides: "The sacred places of power are calling those who are consciously on their path of awakening. The time is now to experience the true essence of these temples, rather than  experiencing them from the outer 5 senses only. It is time for the reconnection of your codes – those etheric crystalline sacred geometry structures which allow you access into the higher planes of existence simultaneously. This reconnection happens also within your DNA – within the restructuring of your body, which affects the electrical circuitry of not only your nervous system but your geometric Light Body.

Join this pilgrimage with this clear intention – to reawaken your full powers – to reconnect yourself on a multi-dimensional level. That you may see through the veils that have been, that you may awaken to your own power and glory as multi-dimensional being – that you may connect truly with Terra, your Earth planet - and that you may therefore awaken others in this exponential activation which moves like a wave of acceleration across your globe now!"




Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light on:


This is not the first period of ‘great acceleration’ in which you have been immersed, dear ones. There have been many, many periods of acceleration, even within your own lifetimes – but certainly within the great cycles and epochs of the universe. Much like embryology – where there is always a contraction of the embryo or foetus before an expansion occurs – in the universal cycle, there are contractions and expansions. There are periods where the consciousness of your planet rises, and then periods where it falls again.
And so, we will speak about a very specific period which is relevant to you now. This acceleration started in the last quarter of 2017, and is relevant all the way through to the March Equinox of 2019 – a time-window of approximately 18 months in your time-line. This is the first period of acceleration which is more powerful than that which occurred around the 12.12.12 – and it is for many reasons that this is so. Some reasons, yes, lie in astrological alignments – but greater than this factor is the Light-work which has been achieved over the period between the 2012 December Solstice and your now-moment. Your commitment to reconnecting the Light Grids of Gaia; to doing your Light-work in the places of power on your planet; to helping others to awaken in so many ways – it is these efforts which have succeeded in allowing the Light to shine through the cloud which restricted your consciousness in the Age of Pisces.

Within this time-window there has also been much difficulty; there have been great struggles between the Light and the dark, and there has been much turbulence – that which has been termed ‘chaotic nodes’ through the Hathor channellings. And these ups and downs have coalesced, finally, into this place and time where there is an explosion-like opening or portal which is accessible to those who are ready to step through the door. This opening concerns the expansion of your consciousness. We will elucidate.
We teach at the moment about your AWAKENING LIGHT BODY. We teach techniques that allow you to experience yourselves as LIGHT; as more expansive than your auric body and field. We speak of the frequency which raises within your Greater-Light-Body, in order to allow the appropriately timed downloading of codes. And we see these codes literally downloading within your Light-Bodies as we speak – hieroglyphs illuminating like flares, and then integrating into your Light, making your overall energy more crystalline and rarefied. There is a completely different texture to this Light – that which we describe as blue-white or star-like light.
And so to understand this Great Acceleration from another perspective, think simply about your ability to access higher dimensional concepts or experiences. Think simply about your individual ability to experience energy flows, such as the energy vortices or chakras within your own body. Acknowledge also how much easier it is to feel, see or accept the existence of the chakras outside of your physical body – the spinning discs above your head and below your root chakra. And you will thus come into a realisation of how much you have shifted – how much you have accelerated in terms of consciousness expansion and the opening of your extra-sensory or psychic abilities.
There are a myriad of higher dimensional openings within you as you step through these energetic and psychic gateways. To give but one example: as your consciousness expands, you are automatically shifted up into a space where you are able to experience not only your personal heart centre, but also the Higher Heart and the One-Heart chakras. And we will expand on this example now, in order to further demonstrate your acceleration.
Think about your understanding of your personal heart chakra, dear ones, which relates to the energetic exchanges in your personal relationships. It encompasses your ability to give and receive love, your ability to forgive those who have sinned against you, letting go of old grievances – and thus your capacity to truly open up to being a more loving person to the people with whom you interact.
And then step UP one level into the concept of the Higher Heart, where you are able to perceive all other human beings on your planet as loving and loveable.If you are able to perceive this, even for a short while – to absolutely forgive and let go of judgements – then you are able to access the energy and the purpose of the Higher Heart.

And step UP one level from this, and think of your One-Heart Chakra; that which is the heart energy of your Higher Self. The One-Heart places you in energetic resonance with all others on the planet who are able to access their Higher Selves also. It enables you, not only to love all others beings, but to spontaneously be in energetic resonance with these others. You experience yourself as one with them.
You are also able through the One-Heart resonance to psychically see into the hearts of others in whom the One-Heart is awakened. There is a connection between your One-Heart chakra and your Soul Star Portal chakra – when the former is awakened, you are able to both sense the energy of your Soul-Star family, and to attract these beings towards yourself.
And so this, roundabout as it may seem, is an explanation of the acceleration in which you are immersed. For if on some level you have understood the 3 levels of the heart that we have described, you may be assured that your consciousness is expanding. Understanding and being able to experience higher dimensional concepts is an indication that you have truly stepped through a new doorway. The great acceleration is, indeed, a quantum shift happening within your consciousness – and the correlating acceleration of your spiritual evolution.
Above and beyond this, when you awaken or integrate a new gift or ability – of psychic seeing, for example – this is not only accessible to the few people with whom you come into contact on a physical level. This new ability becomes accessible to many, many beings within your world – for these gifts and these higher levels of consciousness are contagious, if you like. They simply leap out of your energy field and become accessible to others!
And it is for this reason that we ask you to repeat often: ‘WE ARE THE AWAKENERS!’ – so that you integrate the idea that it is you, you, you – YOU who are one of the awakeners!

Do not judge your progress, dear ones, according to the lowest frame of mind that you access in any one day, for this is just the remnants of the infection of lower consciousness that has pervaded your world. You can brush these lower thought forms off of yourself – you can expel these negative, fear-based, separation-based thoughts, simply by constantly bringing yourself back into a higher vibration, and re-aligning with the co-creation of the New Earth, based on love, kindness and cooperation. You are practising being Light-Beings! You are practising remembering and experiencing your multi-dimensional Star-Being identities.
And we hope we have assisted in your understanding. Namaste.



A Journey Between Worlds

Solara An-Ra's new book, available NOW on Amazon!

In this book Solara An-Ra narrates her fascinating life story in which, aged four, she makes a contract to be a “Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia.” This soul agreement brings great challenges in her early years as she, like so many humans, struggles to remember and fulfil her mission in this incarnation.
Solara’s breakthrough comes when she receives an energy activation in her country of birth, which allows her to channel the Pleiadian Councils directly. Initiated by these enlightened star beings as a Warrior of the Light, she fearlessly embraces this path. It is her greatest joy to step forward as a leader and guide tothe people of planet Earth; the Light Tribe of Gaia.
This frank, unabashed, and at times hilarious account of the highs and lows of Solara’s “journey between worlds” makes for a joyful and compelling read. The fact that there is immense spiritual power woven throughout her chronicle can almost be forgotten in the pleasure of the ride. We are invited to voyage alongside her as she yoyo’s between her everyday existence and the captivating world that opens as she becomes a channel for the star people.
The Time Is Now!


Letters of Appreciation

Dearest Solara, thank you for bringing us all together in such a wonderful space in the Awakening Light Body retreat. Thank you for the dance, yoga πŸ•‰ and meditation 😌 I have been doing it most days since back at least once a day, and it has brought some wonderful experiences. The latest being I was given that I am a Light πŸ’‘ Weaver. I had been doing weird and wonderful things with my arms and weaving with my hands without even thinking about it. Then it came. Was a πŸ’• lovely emotional moment.I have also naturally changed my diet and my tastes to food and drink. I have had a beautiful feeling on my third eye for some weeks now - like a breeze on that spot - is the only way I can describe it ☺️ And the same on my back behind my heart. I am sooooooooooo loving this journey πŸ’š Thank You again to you, your guides and all for boosting it. Huge love and hugs, Jo
Hi Solara, for years now I've been meaning to share with you how much your spiritual work has been a help to me on my own path. Your meditations online are often so beautiful and uplifting and even though I require less outside support now, there was a time a few years back that I almost solely relied on you and other channels for my balance and happiness, buried as I am in the intensely unenlightened materialistic energy of London. David.
Hi Solara, I absolutely think you're a fantastic teacher, I love all the work you do and the meditations you give so generously. I’ve been following you for years, I have an  Arcturian guide who worked with me in Atlantis and he popped up again in this incarnation. I love going to the healing chambers at night for healings for me and anybody else who is going through a rough time. Many blessings Elizabeth x
Dear Solara, thanks so much for the latest 2 meditations. Both super great! About 3 wks. ago for some reason I was really wanting an ocean healing meditation - here is my wish come true, the meditation is just exactly what I wanted. I love following the dolphins around as they spin the energy. It feels so right. As for the star-being meditation, it was just stunning. Of course there were tears. And I felt like it was something I recognized. I knew the star was going to come towards me before it was spoken. Basically, there are no words adequate for such an experience. Love Colleen
Dearest Solara, I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the ocean meditation! Have been doing it alone and with my son and we have learned to sing with the whales and dolphines and, in Finn's case, the sea-grass. Felt there was a great breakthrough some days ago, and I focus on the earth and ocean prana tubes every day. Love Inga
Dear Solara Thank you For your guidance I'm so glad to support you in any way I can. I believe in you so much and your teachings have taken me on a beautiful life journey. I'm on my path and am a very happy in my ♥ heart. Many blessings to you. Jenny ☺ xxx
Dear Solara, my friend in LA introduced me to your work and I’ve been following along ever since. And I feel like a new woman since doing the meditations on a regular basis. I’m currently reading your book;)) I’m a film maker and a very curious soul! Love Sasha
Dear Solara An-Ra,Thank you! I am grateful for meeting you at the early beginning of my awakening journey. In the last three years I have been rising, taking rather baby steps but together with your guidance, attendance of your live meditations in Ibiza and recently finishing the read of your book, my life has been through some good shifting, understandings and energy acceleration. Thank you for reminding us all for our purpose in this life-time and your guidance in bringing ourselves back into a higher vibration when needed. Much love. Slavomira Lakshmi
Dear Solara, I never have sent you a mail - but know that I appreciate immensely all your meditations and channeled messages. Around twice a week I take ½ hour to go through your latest meditations, website sometimes…. I’m so much in resonance with what you offer us.Thanks thanks thanks from the deepest of my heart for all that !!!!!! Much LOVE, Philippe S.
Greetings dear Solara. I am a student of yours of 8years and have grown into a well balanced human being who is spiritually awakened. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all! You cover everything one needs to know to ballance,  heal and ascend. With love and kindest regards, Jenny Topaz
Dear Solara, We feel grateful for Your Divine Work as it has helped us, The connection to step forward in Courage and Authenticity.... Your videos and courses are helping us embrace new aspects of our work. Thank you. Our gift is a gift of gratitude and appreciation. You are truly "The Gift". Much Love, Jeanean and David
Thank you so much, dearest one, for all the love and energy you invest in teaching us how to raise our vibrations to heal ourselves and to awaken into our higher light-selves of joy, love and kindness. You are such a shining example of how that is possible and I so admire your commitment to this and the way you have chosen to live your life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yasmine
Greetings Solara An-Ra, I am honored to have the opportunity to contact you. My name is Nashwa, I am from Honduras, Central America. I have been listening to your channelings these days to attune with the Arcturians and Sirians. Infinite gratitude for your work of bringing forth this so much needed light and healing. Sending love and light, may all be well with you, thank you thank you! Blessings! Lisa Odeh-Nasrala Dia
Hello Solara, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your meditations. WOW. There’s so much ‘out there’ to choose from when on the path of searching, etc. and I found them to be extraordinary. Really could sink into them and go where you took us. Very cool. Thanks again for the gifts and I will definitely be listening again and following… Blessings, Judy
Dear Solara An Ra, THANK YOU! You, your book and your meditations have been a blessing to me since I was strongly guided to you by my Arcturian guide a few months back. I had shut down somewhat and needed a little 'help' - you have been that help.......... Thank you. I send you all my LOVE. I wish I could give you a BIG HUG. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Nancy
Hello my Sister, I want to let you know how much i appreciate your service. my gratitude towards you, and others like you is immense. you're the perfect example of the Light/Love, divine beings we All are. i enjoy the wisdom you impart; it resonates with me on an inner depth of awareness. Thank you! Renda Rollins
Dear Solara An Ra, My name is Damian and I live in the small country town of Eudunda, South Australia. I am writing to you to thank you for your you tube videos on Preparation, Stabilization and Integration of light. Apart from being uplifting and energizing and healing in their own right, they have helped me with a project that I have been working on for some time now and received a remarkable and unexpected result. Your website is excellent and is a valuable reference tool. Thank you so much for your outstanding work. Yours Faithfully, Damian McEntee.
Dear Solara, among all the many blessings in my life you hold a special place in my heart. You are my guide, my teacher and my friend. Thank you for providing a space for "family" and for helping so many, in so many ways. I look forward to 2017 and to the next time we again meet. Love and thank you, thank you πŸ™πŸΌ Toni
Dearest Solara-Angel-Goddess of Light, I am still working on the precursor meditations on your site that you suggested before doing the healing course - I love love love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so excited to find you, I just connected to the P's last month and they led me to you. The Awakening has been a magical and miraculous time for me! May all of your hopes and dreams come true today! Now and always! And so it is! Darlene
My friend and teacher, you have NO idea, I imagine, how powerful your teachings have been for me. I first saw just a thumbnail of your golden angel meditation on YouTube and started to sob. Ever since then you've been key in leading my evolution, with a friendly and wise hand holding my heart. Giving it all freely: that alone has been a major teaching. Your book made that experience even more powerful. It's amazing; so open, so real - so human and master at the same time - incredibly well written. I stopped reading it almost right at the end! One of the gifts of your book is normalizing what is real. Thank you with all of my expanding heart. Much love, Sadhya
My name is Trinity River and I have found your guided meditations as I was looking for a meditation about the Grand Cross. One of yours suited me perfectly and then I did the 11:11 meditation because that's been quite my number for the last Week here. Your meditations are obviously divinely Channeled and  your voice is lovely and as i was doing them I saw all types of fantastic geometric imagery along with the things that you're guiding us to. I am so grateful that you have given these to the world. I just had to take the time to tell you so and thank you. To you and whatever team you have that's helped you with this I am eternally grateful. I am in the visioning all earthlings as Golden Angels now. Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste, Trinity_River
Dear Solara, What a great site you have on the internet. Thank you so much that I can listen and read all about the meditations. With great plesure I tune in the free meditations. Thank you, thank you. Kind regards, Edith Romme
Hello Solara. First, I want to thank you so much for everything that you are doing. I truly love the meditations that you have posted on YouTube. I listen to one or more of them almost every day. I have recommended them to friends and family, and I even required my 10 year old son to listen to the three chamber of light meditations in preparation for the March 20th ascension wave. You have touched me deeply and I am very grateful. Secondly, I have spent my life looking forward to the time in which I would be able to learn the skills that you are teaching, such as healing and channeling. I can not thank you enough for making courses like this available online. Thank you again for every thing you are doing, Mike D'Avella
Solara, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your book with the entire world. That was a big step I am sure. I am happy I got to be able to read and listen to your life as it unfolded. I honor the entire you. You have no idea how or what an important role you have chosen in this life time (or maybe you do). I just wanted to give thanks and gratitude for all that you bring forth through your teachings, channelings, and life lessons. Namaste, Lindsey Keirnan ☼
Dear Solara, I just wanted to say thank you for the light you bring to the world. I didn't realise how one person can affect thousands on a galactic scale until recently. SO all of us at your course can now affect thousands more.  It's like a positive virus (I was a nurse!) So thanks for agreeing to be my mentor this incarnation. Love and blessings, Clare
Dear Solara An-Ra, thank you for your amazing healing sessions on youtube. I am so grateful for the healing light chambers. I so appreciate your love and integrity. Much LOVE, Stephanie
My partner and I have been doing your meditations for about a 2 weeks now and we are so incredibly grateful for this experience.  We are finding ourselves even more connected through these journeys and are so grateful for the gifts you are sharing. We would love to purchase your story can you send us parts 1 to 5? Thank you again, this is truly amazing. Cheers, Kim
Hi Solara! I have to say, your channelings/meditations are beyond phenomenal! I've been avidly doing the healing chambers 1/2 and 3! Oh my word they've changed everything! I'm currently doing a channeling course with my usual teacher in Florida and since starting the course it's come through that I am doing some specific work for the galactics and this all kicked off since I started doing your meditations. So you are a HUGE factor. I then saw that you did your own channeling course and just knew that's where I really need to go next for me to get greater clarity on the rather explosive journey. Anyway, in a rather large nutshell I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful channeling that you put on YouTube. You're amazing !!! Much love, Marie X
Dearest Solara, thank you for sharing your spiritual insights and exercises with us. We enjoyed very much staying at Casa Solara, the work here and taking part in the ceremonies here and at Es Vedra. Ibiza we have enjoyed very much. The inspiration and exercises will become part of our toolkit to be used often...
Love and blessings to you and for your work, from Mette and Peter
Dear Solara, greetings from New York City! An astrologer from Denver referred me to you a few months ago and I’ve been loving your morning practice as well as the Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light. My cats do too! Your voice is remarkable. I’ve experienced so much healing in such a short period of time. Thank you so so so much! I’ll continue to keep my eye on your upcoming retreats as I would love to meet you in person. Thank you again! With love, Kelly
Dearest Solara, It is very important for me to be visiting and attending your workshops.  It is soothing for my soul, and heart.  It helps me to remember who I am and my purpose on beautiful Mother Earth. I have no words to describe how grateful and blessed i feel to have met you and be able to come & spend time over at your magical space.  Your presence is so inspiring to me.  Your energy brought back so many memories.  I have never met another human who's essence reminds me so much of 'home'. Coming back to Casa Solara is a visit to the Stars, which is a blessing for my whole being.  Hope to see you soon… Sending you lots of love from my heart, Anna
Hello Solara, this is an honor to email you. I have been listening to your meditations for 5 years now  - thank you. I have been listening to the chamber of light video  recently, several times. I have seen my healing ability increase as a massage therapist and registered Nurse . Thank you! I am having an open mind to the galaxy. Loving kindness ,Namaste, Louise Doyle

Hi Solara, Thank you for all your hard work that you constantly share with all. I myself take classes of meditation every week and I learn a lot from you. Blessing to you. Eternal Love, Marilou

Dear Solara An-Ra,
I am so honored to be a part of the Frequency Keeper with the Activating the Prana Tube meditation. Tears of joy are falling as I am embraced by the meditation. Thank you so much for sharing this blessing for our Light Tribe of Gaia.  It feels so natural for me to be a part of.  My heart is overflowing with love and light. Thank you Star Councils of Light. Namaste, Pamela

I love your meditations so much and have been using them for the past few months. I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do on behalf of this Terran tribe of ours. It is exceptional. Keep up the great work - you are wonderful light! Cheers! Lots of love, Maria -  Los Angeles

Hi  Solara  An-Ra  Warrior of the light, I've just done your gaia  grid connection meditation - its  BEAUTIFUL! I saw the golden  grid the rainbow lines spreading out to the grid, and felt the love energy of the Christ Conciousness grid and felt like i was meditating  with hundreds of others If there's proof of the pudding,  it's certainly in this one!  Mike Jay, love  love love

I have shared many tears with you during your meditations.  These were never tears of sadness but always tears of pure joy knowing I had finally found my way home. Namaste, Love Mary
The 'Connection with Gaia's ascension Grids' meditation is simply OUTSTANDING!!  Very VERY powerful.  I love all your meditations and am grateful to you for posting them. I send much Love to you now!  Marlo Page - Canada

Dear Solara, Your voice has an incredible magic in it, and I rejoice each and every day to listen to your Daily Practice, which often is delivering to me inner images and insights. Thank you so much for your work and also thank you very much for making it available for free! With love, Verena - Germany

I am writing to thank you for many of your gifts, but most especially the Daily Practices meditation. I have meditated for years, and have felt very good about my experiences -- but after a week of daily meditation with your recording, I can tell you that I can feel a significant change occurring. Thank you, thank you, for making your work available to all. I wish you all great blessings - and I hope one day our paths will cross in person. Pam Younghans (Astrologer) - Seattle, Washington

Dear Solara, your free meditations have affected me immensely today. I have had much trouble grounding in the past, making it not difficult for me to recieve many energies, but difficult to make them of conscious use. However, today while listening to the essential practices, i felt your intense light and energy come through the beautiful strength of vibration that is your voice, and when i aligned my DNA into a beautiful indigo chord i felt the strongest connection to my existence on Gaia that i have yet experienced. Namaste, peace, love, light, wisdom and many many blessed thanks. Eva Louise Williams - Melbourne Australia

Solara, thank you with all my heart for sharing your meditations. I've been using your Daily Practice and Sacred Heart since the autumn when I saw your ad in Cygnus and I've recently come across your Higher Self meditation too on your website. This has been wonderfully important to me in integrating some of the extensive past life and initiatory meditative work I've been doing over the last couple of years.  Sometimes you just need something to come in from the outside to give you a nudge to tie up certain aspects – and it was you with your beautiful voice! Bless you! With lots of love and blessings, Maggie Salter - Devon

Dear Solara, I have been using your Essential Daily Practices Meditation for the last few weeks and the energy and light it radiates within me is phenomenal.  You are bringing such important messages and love into the hearts of so many, and into our beloved Mother Earth.  You truly are a Warrior of the Light. My love and gratitude are radiating back to you.  I will look for you in the States next year. Lynn Curtin - Florida

When doing the Pleiadian Essential daily Practices meditation for the first time I felt electric energy tingling in my hands, thank you so much for your sharing and wisdom, much blessings to you sister of light! Namaste, Joanna :)

I have been drawn to the Pleiadians teachings for at least 10 months now - 2 weeks ago I was looking for a meditation to help me and I was drawn to your website.  I would like to thank you so much for your free mediations - since I have been practicing them I have found them most helpful, very moving and powerful. Helen Ricketts - Perth

Wow, awesome, fabulous. These are some of the words that can I describe what the Chakra Dance has done for me. The first time I did this dance this morning, tears were flowing down my cheeks and I felt great joy and excitement. Then I did this dance with my husband and felt very peaceful & focused. My husband really enjoyed this dance as well. Thank you Solara for all the meditations and channeling's that you have on your website. We greatly enjoy all of them and we love this new web page. We are very appreciative of all that you have helped us understand and feel and have opened up to. We are really looking forward to meeting you one day. May Love be in your Heart, Light in your Life & be Filled with Great Gratitude, Ben & Lorraine - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada