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From: Dairies of a Pleiadian Warrior of Light (Part 3)

Opening to Channel

Through various readings I had over the years I encountered a multitude of beings who had a higher, enlightened perspective on Earth life, which made me long to make a direct connection with my own guides. I had no idea, however, that this was possible – like most people, I believed that one had to be born with a gift to be a channel.

When I first started going for readings I often asked questions about the future. I wanted to know, for instance, when we were going to find the right house or how many children I was going to have. My questions changed as I progressed on my spiritual path. From the time I understood that I was the maker of my own destiny, I sought spiritual guidance instead of future knowledge. I started to favour direct channels rather than mediums. Channels speak the actual words of their guides, rather than interpreting the images or messages they are given, and the guides are often higher dimensional beings rather than human spirits who have passed over.

I started reading channelled books – where the author simply acts as a conduit for information from a guide, rather than writing the book herself - and found that this was an even more effective way to access higher wisdom. On a trip to Brighton in 1997 I came across a book by Sanaya Roman called ‘Spiritual Growth’, one of a trilogy in her ‘Earth Life’ series. I was looking through the metaphysical section of a bookshop when the book literally fell off the shelf onto my feet. After looking through it I put it back on the shelf as I already had a pile of books at home I hadn’t read. When it fell off the shelf a second time, I got the message and took it home.
Through Sanaya’s wonderful guide Orin I was made aware for the first time that this particular time period we find ourselves in is quite unique. The opening lines electrified me: “Greetings from Orin! You are entering a dramatic and exciting time. There is a wave of energy passing through your galaxy that is altering the course of all life it touches. This wave affects the very nature of energy and matter, bringing all matter into a higher vibration… Some of us have come as guides to assist you during this special time.”

Orin was truly my first spiritual teacher and I felt his loving energy through his words as I worked with the book. He taught me about who I was and confirmed my purpose as a spiritual being with a Divine mission. I ordered another crucial Orin book, co-written by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, entitled ‘Opening to Channel.’ Even reading the title gave me goose bumps.

This was the first time I had come across the concept that anyone could channel if they had the desire and the perseverance to practise. This excited me beyond words! Orin encouraged a conscious form of channelling, where you’re not ‘taken over’ by the guide as in trance channelling – he said that this was the way forward in the New Age.

In the book there were a series of exercises which I tried, but with very little success. I couldn’t get past the exercise where you had to concentrate on an image for a certain number of minutes, the purpose being to train your mind to keep your focus long enough to receive a message from a guide. I also had a huge problem in the trust department. I found it difficult to let go of the idea I’d had for so many years that channelling was a gift only bestowed upon a select few.

When we went on a family holiday to California in the summer of 1998 I took the book with me to re-read. I had in mind that as we were visiting Mount Shasta, known to be one of the seven chakras of the planet Earth, I might be assisted in making a connection with my guides while we were there.

The children were aged six and four on that journey, and their movie of the moment was ‘Grease’, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. My lasting memory of the holiday is of long hours on the road - mountains, forests, beaches and hot springs whizzing past the windows, to „Grease is the word, it‟s the time, it‟s the place, it‟s the motion …‟ We were travelling the whole length of California in a massive R.V. Camper over a three week period, and ended up scheduling only two days in Mount Shasta. The Universe, however, conspired to keep us there long enough for some magic to happen.

                     Mount Shasta

We arrived in the R.V. campsite early one evening, in a beautiful forest adjacent to a transparent blue-green lake, with the mystical snow-clad Mount Shasta as an almost surreal backdrop. Having chosen the most private site, deep in the forest, Jeremy manoeuvred the huge vehicle backwards and forwards until it was perfectly level. Then as he turned the ignition off we heard a loud ‘Clunk!‟ as some vital part dropped out of the engine. The only engineer qualified to fix it had to travel from San Diego, and he made it clear that it would be four days at least before we were on the move again. Rather than feeling put out we both felt a sense of relief at just stopping for a while. We were exhausted from all the travelling and also felt we were in the perfect place to recharge our batteries.

That first night in Mount Shasta, Jeremy picked up my ‘Opening to Channel’ book off the bedside table and asked if he could read it. Although I had started re-reading it, he was so keen that I relinquished it to him. Jeremy had never gone for readings or expressed any interest in channelling, so I was curious what he would make of it. He got intensely into the book, stayed up most of the night reading, and finished it by lunchtime the following day. There is no question in either of our minds that he was pushed to do this by his guides because we were in Mount Shasta, where the energy was so high. What happened on that second day blew us both away!

Jeremy asked me if I would go off to the lake with the kids in the afternoon while he tried some channelling exercises, and so we went off and played in the cool water for a while. As we walked back through the trees, something made me stop at some distance from our site. I could see Jeremy sitting at the picnic table with his hands clutching the edge of the table, his eyes closed, and his head at a distinctly strange angle. I persuaded the children to go back to the lake for another half hour, to give him some space, and when we finally returned Jeremy was grinning from ear to ear, almost exploding in his excitement.

A half hour into the practice exercises an incredibly strong and clear guide, rather eccentrically calling himself George (with a French accent), had started speaking directly through Jeremy. That night when the children were asleep I asked George questions, and received amazing answers. There was no hesitancy on Jeremy’s part, and no doubt in either of our minds and hearts about the validity of the connection. My husband had just turned into a ‘channel’ overnight!

Back in London, Jeremy immediately threw himself into work, socialising and family life. The magic of his opening in Mount Shasta seemed to fade and he practised channelling only when I wanted help and answers. I thought he should tape record the sessions and pay more attention to this gift, but he didn’t feel as intensely about it as I did. I realised I was superimposing my unfulfilled desire to channel on him. His guide told me that I could channel easily myself if I simply trusted that I could, assuring me that I already had a strong connection with my guides; it just needed to be made conscious.

Witnessing how easy the process had been for Jeremy broke the spell of resistance I’d put myself under about my ability to connect with my guides, and I enrolled on an ‘Opening to Channel’ day led by my friend Maggie Pashley. During the workshop we practised in pairs, which meant that I was forced to actually speak out loud and give answers to my partner’s questions. It was stressed that in the beginning you invariably feel like you’re making up the answers, but that that was just part of the process. I did indeed feel like the information I was giving was coming from my head rather than from guides, but the feedback from the people I practised with was so overwhelmingly positive that I went home that evening greatly encouraged.

I bought a tape recorder the very next week and start practicing on my own each morning. I expanded my aura, asked for the highest guidance possible to flow through me, and then asked whatever questions arose in the moment. The first guide I connected with said that his name was Wanaseh, showing himself to me as a beautiful young North American Indian. His words came through as eloquent, loving messages of encouragement on my path. His messages were filled with the poetry and metaphors of the natural world – he said that we could address our struggles in life „in a light and joyful way, simply by attuning with the planes, and flowing along them as a bird soars in a current of wind.‟

Channelling became my first form of personal spiritual practice, like a meditation time. I always recorded the sessions, and then transcribed and filed them every week or so – which meant that I was able to look back at the advice given to me over a long period, and gain new perspectives. It was the most joyful, life-changing thing that had ever happened to me! Simply by trusting and practising I was able to receive higher guidance from what seemed like an infinite number of sources.

I soon realised that travelling to different places allowed new guides to come through. When we visited Ireland that summer I received guidance from a group who said they were „of the light of Christos‟. Their message to me was „Be not afraid to speak, for it is one of your gifts. Those who will hear your words are starting to gather already. There are many hearts opening who you will assist. Be not afraid that your words are of the ego, for you are one that is a shining pillar of Light.‟ I had no idea how my words might assist others. I knew that I was being guided in the advice I gave to my clients, but I had no desire to give readings one-to-one.

In France at the end of that year I received a message from a group of Spirit beings who called themselves „Nirvana‟, who said that I was a part of their group and that our mission was to bring the vibration of Heaven onto Earth. They described themselves as “a group of blue beings, although in truth the word „blue‟ cannot encompass the beauty of our radiance.”

I was also told by these guides that I would write. They said „Your first book will be an expression of the joy you feel in following your path, and will be part of your teaching with those who feel as yet unsure about the meaning of their lives.‟ And so it is.

Diaries of a Pleiadian
Warrior of Light

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In Part 4 Solara An-Ra describes how she came to connect with the Pleiadians, a collective of highly evolved Star beings who are assisting her on her path as a way-shower for the tribe. This part of her journey is as fascinating as ever, including her falling in love (again), the mission she is given in the power places of South Africa, conversations with a shaman from the past in a witchdoctor’s cave, a spontaneous past life regression into ancient Egypt and a trip to India which leads to her acquaintance with the immortal master Babaji. The beautiful photos thoughout allow you to truly be on the adventure with her!

Chapter 20. Playing with the Pleiadians

Chapter 21. Freedom

Chapter 22. Pleiadian Mission a -Go-Go

Chapter 23. In Search of Babaji

Chapter 24. Homeland Healing

Chapter 25. As Above So Below

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Solara An-Ra

Part 3 now available to download here for $4 (£2.44)

In Part 3 Solara An-Ra struggles with the domestic dream she worked so hard to manifest - her perfect house and family in the suburbs of London. She becomes a healer in an unexpected way, and moves into her role as a spiritual teacher, assisted by her new connection with multi-dimensional guides. Travel with Solara to Mount Shasta, a trip which was to change her destiny forever, and into the depths of the Amazonian jungle where the plant spirits toy with her sanity. This section ends with the fascinating tale of  how she came to complete her contract with her partner of 20 years, and the start of a new phase on her path of Light. Solara's journey in Part 3 is as ever, candid, funny and heart-warming!



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Part 2

Part 2 now avaiable to download here for $4 (£2.44)

In Part 2 the reader is taken through Solara's adventures between 22 and 33 years of age. In her usual humorous style she weaves us through her various career conumdrums, falling in love with a Scotsman, her move to the UK, marriage and the birth of her two children. This part of the tale ends with a manifestation which, as the chapter heading indicates, is nothing short of a miracle!




   8. Facing the Lion’s Den


   9.  Cave Woman gets her Man


   10. Reality Shift


   11. Culture Shock


   12. You Can Heal Your Life


   13. Manifesting a Miracle



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The touching story of Solara An-Ra's entry into Earth life, including some wonderful photo's. In Part 1 she describes her childhood in South Africa and her feeling of disconnection from other humans after  being teleported  onto a Pleiadian Light ship at the age of four. She recounts her sexual awakening, lessons learned through boyfriends, and her travels around the globe between the ages of 19 and 22. Part 1 ends with the gripping tale of Solara's near death experience on a beach in Hawaii!

Part 1



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2. To Be, or Not to Be... on Earth!


3. Boyfriend Pick-and-Mix


4. Globe Trotting


5. From Apple Orchards to Iceland


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7. Wake-up Call


Praise for the book

Dear Solara, Your story is amazing!!! Your gifts are glad you are sharing them with the world!!! Love and light,  Doreen
Dear Solara An-Ra, and I thought Part 1 was good!  Part 2 is fabulous!  I just finished reading it and my heart is full of joy and love.  What a wonderful life story and what a wonderful teacher.  You definitely were/are meant to be a teacher, just not in the classroom.  And as an added bonus, your life story is helping me understand more about myself.  I so look forward to what is to come next. Much love, light, peace, joy and beauty.  As you are all of those and more. Namaste, John

Dear Solara, Your book is amazing! I felt as though I was on a journey with you.... I remember every detail. Can´t wait to read the rest!  Love and BlessingsDvora xx

Dear Solara, I'm enjoying your diaries, really interesting, warm, and funny read. What an interesting life you have led - I can see how your many  experiences have prepared you so well for your path as it is unfolding now. It is great reading your early life and I can't wait to read about your more current spiritual adventures! Love Szaphiel

Hi Solara, I loved part 1 - I read it by 3.15pm on the day you released it! Whilst I should have been working! :-) Like others have said it was so entralling and easy to read. What an adventure! I'm currently reading part 2 and I'm enjoying that just as much. Keep up the good work! Love and peace, Trudi x

Dear Solara, I've just read Part 1 - all in one go! I love your writing style - honest, open, well structured, catchy, broad, deep & humorous.... Very interesting topics too. Don't stop here! Tse-Tsani

Oh wow, the book is great you know!! It's so much fun to read and it's such a good story, your writing style is very good too! Waiting for the rest of the story to come out! Just finished!! Thanks for sharing your life story with us, dear Solara!! Big Hugs, Christa ;-)

I really enjoyed part 2, as much as part I! I also love reading about other peoples lives, like you, and to find out they have indentical experiences and make the same 'mistakes' as everybody else out there! Again, it was a great read! CX

I've just finished Part 1.  I'm on tender hooks!!  LOVE it so far - you are blessed with an amazing talent to write, Solara An-Ra! CAN'T wait to read the rest !! Xx D

Deart Solara, I printed out Part 1 of your book - it was totally amazing. I got to the end and wanted to see where you were going next but I guess I'm going to have to wait!  Love Gail xxx