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The Birth of Solara An-Ra:

Taking on my Higher Self Name

Shortly after my birth in 1958 in Cape Town, South Africa, I was christened Gillian Eva Sheer. 1958 must have been a ‘Gillian’ year considering the fact that out of 20 girls in my senior school class 4 of us were Gillians – one fifth of the class! ‘Gill’ was the inevitable abbreviation, so I was rarely called by my christened name. The sound of my mother shouting ‘Gillian!’ usually meant I was in trouble. And so I was Gill Sheer. I always thought my name was boring and straight, and didn’t express who I truly was.

During my 3 years of travel, straight after Uni, I spent 7 months in Iceland and decided to call myself by my middle name, Eva. I was having an identity crisis and had run away from everyone and everything I knew to work out who I was. I had a fair bit of fun in the land of the midnight sun, but failed miserably in my original intention, instead developing a Scandinavian-style vodka habit (I hadn’t discovered meditation yet!) I liked being Eva though, and thought I might just keep the name permanently. However as soon as I returned to the States where my boyfriend lived, there seemed to be no choice but to return to Gill – it just wasn’t done to change your name.

I had another go in my thirties – now married and having taken on the surname Colledge, I officially changed my name as a therapist to ‘Gilly Colledge’, announcing to everyone in my life that I was no longer Gill. There were still some friends and family who flatly refused to call me Gilly, much to my chagrin. It seemed as though it was their choice rather than mine – I was amazed that changing one little letter could cause such resistance!

I assumed that was the end of that as far as my name was concerned, but it’s always a mistake to make assumptions. Many years later, on the 19th of September 2007, I received an email from Armukara Maria Angel (pictured below) which included a channelled message for me from her guides. I had known Armukara for some years, initially as a client who came for massages, and more recently as a fellow Warrior of the Light and friend. One of her major spiritual openings had come through participating in an ‘Opening to Channel’ course of mine, during which she had made a very clear and strong connection with several guides.

Of all my students, Armukara reminded me the most of myself when I started channelling. She practised her newfound skill regularly, right from the word go, just on her own with a tape recorder. I’d received messages from Armukara a couple of times previously, and they had been so pertinent and powerful that I knew that whatever she was guided to send me was important. In this case her guides spoke of a major shift of energy I would experience in Egypt which I was due to visit the following year.

The guidance read ‘Egypt will be a major shift for Gilly, and will change her. She will not feel the same and will not be the same. She will be given specific instructions and she will be given a new name which she must use, for this is who she will be from this point on.

‘She will change. Her old ways will be gone – dissolved by the Light, and this is something she must be prepared for. People may not understand when she returns, but it is the next stage of her path which she must take, and she already knows this.’

I was all up for the shift in consciousness – I am always 100 percent up for acceleration on my spiritual path! My initial reaction to the part of the message about being given a new name was not however as enthusiastic. ‘No way!’  I thought. ‘I like my name now, I have loads of clients who know me by that name and I have free will – I choose not to do it!’ My previous experienced had proven that ‘people may not understand’ if I chose to change my name. There was also an insecurity in me around the idea of taking on a ‘spiritual name’ – I thought it would seem a bit ‘up my own bum’ to change my name without actually having been given one by a guru, as some spiritual devotees were.

But the idea played on my mind constantly, and as the idea settled I realised that because Armukara had sent me that piece of information it was extremely likely to come true. My Egypt trip was months away still and so I tried not to think about it too much, but it often arose in my consciousness during my morning practice.

Six weeks later, at a community celebration in Wales led by Roy Littlesun, I asked a new friend Urtema (left) about her name. Urtema Uriella Dolphin is an powerful Goddess of a woman, and I was slightly in awe of her. As I’d guessed it wasn’t her original name, and I asked what had led her to take on a new name. ‘Oh, my guides just started calling me that!’ she said. She was so matter-of-fact and confident about her name-change, that in the course of that conversation I felt myself open completely to the idea. That opening – letting go of my fears around the name change - manifested an almost instant result.

The very next morning, on the 28th of October 2007, I channelled a powerful Mayan elder spirit who pronounced in a deep, authoritative voice: -

‘I am a Warrior guide, a connector for you in the times to come in which your Warrior status is revealed to all. You are one who awakens to your path indeed!

Solara is your name – one who holds the power of the Sun within her soul, within her words – the power of transformation. Yours is the way of power, the way of the Warrior. Your way is one of impeccability and integrity. You are a Warrior of the Light! Your new name assists in the vibrational change to come.’

I was completely taken aback to be given a name at this point as I’d taken it as fact that it would only happen in Egypt! As a result I was unsure as to whether this really was my new name, and spoke to Urtema about it. I said ‘Well at least I LIKE the name Solara, it’s pretty – it would be difficult if I was given a name I didn’t like.’ She burst out laughing and said ‘Now why on Earth would you take on a new name that you didn’t like – you do have some say in the matter you know!’ Sometimes I do need to be told :).

She then proceeded to call me Solara for the rest of the weekend! It felt wonderful - but I still wasn’t sure that I really had been given my new name. One early dawn in Wales as I channelled my guides sang ‘Sooooo-laaaaa-raaaaa’ through me, so that the vibration of the name vibrated through my heart and soul, bringing tears to my eyes. They explained that the actual sound frequency of the name Solara was a higher frequency than I presently held, and that using the name and hearing myself called Solara would activate codes in my energy body and help me integrate my Higher Self.

On my return to London I resolved to keep the whole affair to myself until I was given a very clear sign. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though, and running through the implications. Solara Colledge wouldn’t work as a name – it sounded too much like the name of an actual college – and why exactly would I want to keep my married name anyway, when I’d been separated for 3 years already and was soon to be divorced? Solara Sheer sounded okay – but I couldn’t imagine going back to my maiden name either, it didn’t feel right. I decided that if I was given a significant sign that Solara was the correct name, I would stick to just Solara.

A week later I met up with Urtema for a cup of tea and a chat. ‘I’ve got something for you’ she said with a mysterious smile, while fishing in her bag. She told me that on her return from Wales she had started going through her bookshelves thinking ‘Solara, Solara, I know I’ve come across that name before.’ With a dramatic pause at this point in her story, she placed a white book in my eager hands, and time stood still. I found myself staring at my name in silver print with a rainbow sheen. SOLARA. The book was titled ‘The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones’, and the picture on the front was of a star radiating waves outwards like a radio signal.

I remember nothing else of that evening between the moment I looked at the cover and the moment when I sat in bed preparing myself to open the book for the first time. I closed my eyes and asked to be shown any significant message in it immediately. I opened it on page 82, a chapter explaining the purpose of taking on your Higher Self (Golden Angel) name!!! The first words I read were ‘This name could be termed your multi-dimensional or starry name. And once received and used, the resonance of its vibration will serve to trigger and reactivate your pre-encoded cellular memories, allowing you to receive and harmonize with even higher frequency energy fields.’

This was almost word for word the reason which had already been given by my guides! To top it off, the author Solara went on to say that there are often a group of humans with the same starry name, and that there was a group of Solaras! She mentioned having met another Solara and how amazed she was at the similarities between them!

The Universe had now given me a massively clear sign about changing my name that under no circumstances could be ignored! My only concern about becoming Solara was that this spiritual teacher and author Solara had published several books under that name, and as I was in the process of writing a book I felt I couldn’t use the same name. I found Solara’s website – - and read about her in complete fascination. She was a beautiful dark-haired American woman who had published many spiritual books long before I was ever ‘awake.’ Her primary focus at that point was the 11:11 Activations which she started leading at the beginning of 1992 and continued through to the end of 2011.

I asked my guides about giving me a second name, so I could distinguish myself from the ‘original Solara’ in my work and future books, and they said that if I wanted another name I should choose one myself! After much contemplation I chose ‘An-Ra’ for the tribe of Pleiadian Archangels by that name. According to Amorah Quan-Yin, author of ‘The Pleiadian Workbook’, they were of a green vibration, and as my most powerful Pleiadian ‘activation’ in Knysna had been an amazing, intense, swirling sea-green light, I decided to honour the experience and my Pleiadian friends with this second name.

I went through the process of deedpoll, which was miraculously easy, and then the much more long-winded process of changing every single other document and account in my life to my new ‘starry’ name! (It amused me that I had to pay an additional £4 to change my title from ‘Mrs’ to ‘Ms’!) I decided that my approach towards my friends, clients and family who would inevitably put up some resistance to the new name was simply to be FEARLESS about it! Fearless by name, fearless by nature! :)

The acceleration that has come on my path in the years after I took on my new name was phenomenal. I understand fully now that Solara An-Ra IS MY HIGHER SELF – I feel it every time I hear my name spoken! My life is different, I am different, and I change moment by moment. I truly moved into my power and discovered the source of my joy, which is to be in my service to my tribe. I may be of Pleiadian origin, but my joy in this moment is to be human being first and foremost, and to make the most of my time on this precious planet.

One of my Pleiadian guides said shortly after my name change, ‘This name has come to you in order to activate your new path. This year, Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light, all flows in readiness for the plan. Your sword is illuminated, slicing through the veils, awakening all who come into contact with you on your path.

‘Solara An-Ra, you pass the message on now from the Star Keepers of Knowledge – the time that has been appointed has come! A time of dedication, a time in which procrastination evaporates as the powers of the ‘Higher Ones’ are felt. Reconnect with your original intention. Your original intention was to be a Warrior of the Light! Step forth on your path of Light – step forth on your path of enlightenment.’

The ‘original intention’ he spoke of refers to my original intention for this incarnation on Earth. At first I was puzzled by the term ‘Warrior of the Light’ as I had previously considered myself a ‘Light Worker’ – and the term ‘warrior’ had implications of fighting against the dark, which didn’t resonate with me. I knew that fighting against things usually had the effect of strengthening rather than overcoming them. My guides soon put me right about that.

They said that the aspect in which I was a born warrior, and would lead many others to be, was in my fearlessness of the dark. They explained that fear was the primary tool which had been used by the manipulators – and I had an in-built fearlessness in face of all beings and programs which sought to dis-empower human beings.

More of the story anon my dear tribe!

Love love love,

 Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light