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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Ascension Tools: Light, Electricity & Downloads

The above Youtube is transcribed below
'I expand my energy body and I ask for the highest possible guidance to flow through me now with whatever information is for the highest good of the tribe who listen to this message now. '

‘You are not the only tribe who listen to this transmission. There are many who stay with you in this flow as we delight in the connection between star beings, those whom you have termed extra-terrestrial, a term we are not much fond of. And so know dear earth beings as you hear this now, that there are many through the space-time continuum who are with you energetically now, aside from those who speak through the voice of this channel. We are the collective who name ourselves the Council of Light. We include the Pleiadians , Sirian, Andromedan vibration within our collective. We wish to speak on some of the concepts which you have just encountered in this delightful and powerful invocation. We speak on the terms of electric , on the terms of light, on the terms of download!

You understand all of these concepts first from your earth experience of them and for many of you light is more often in your environment in its artificial form. For many of you electricity is experienced by you through the outside of your cells, apparatus which you use. For many of you the term download is more easily understood in computer terms. As you access packets of information or music through the internet in download form, in order to truly understand these concepts of light, electricity and download within your own energy body - and surely understanding comes from experience rather than intellectual understanding - in order to truly understand these, you need paradoxically to have less of these former ways we have mentioned of experiencing.

In other words you need to experience more sun light, more starlight, more reflected light through the great sister moon who blesses you now with her full presence, in glory! You need to experience within your meditations that you are light and from this primary understanding you are more easily able to access the light frequencies, downloads and transmissions, which are available to you now on earth. There was a time, when these light frequency transmissions were able to affect only those who were aware of them and willing chose to receive them. But times are now much accelerated on your planet Terra now and in these times, the light frequency which falls down on you often in waves and troughs of acceleration and deceleration, these affect all on your planet, willy nilly! And what happens if you are in low vibration and your chakras are blocked and your heart is closed is that the light downloads that you will receive cause you to go into ill health, or anxiety, or depression or confusion. Whereas if you take the time and make the effort to be more open, more joyful, more appreciative of the joys which are yours a-plenty on your planet - and the beauty and the pleasure which is available to you – it’s through these simple means and your meditation and your connection with Gaia and with your sun, moon and stars! It’s through these means you are in more balance and peace and harmony. Then the light downloads and transmission which arrive in your atmosphere now and in your bodies, then these accelerate your path in a joyful manner and they burn away the ways of old which have not been serving you!

We speak on the term electricity and electric which has been used in this invocation. It is necessary for you to experience the electricity in your light body and the easiest way to experience this is to ask your dear star brother and sisters to place you in a dolphin star-linking chamber of light. Chambers of light are used by this great one, great server of your tribe, Anrita. They are used by her and through her to assist you in changing the frequency of your light body and re-integrating the energies, which come onto earth now. This is the tool, which is made available to you primarily through the Pleiadian tribe and now through others. Simply have the intention dear ones that as you ask for a chamber of light, so it is!

We speak on the concepts of downloads. You as we have said, are receiving these downloads and we will repeat that in order for them to activate you in a joyful way it is necessary for you to bring your lives in a way, more simple! This is Solara Anra’s purpose in the land of the Maya now. To reconnect with her Mayan forefathers, through those who live still in this place of power so that she and they may assist each other in bringing these ways back into your tribe of earth beings.

We will summarize in great simplicity by saying, less electricity in your homes is desirable! Candles in your homes dear ones are not only for romantic dinners and meditation, but they may be used with great benefit in your homes. Many of you, we , leave devices all over your houses with little blue and red electric lights which remain on. It is advisable in the extreme to switch these things off! To unplug yourself and your home space from electricity and to be outdoors more. To be with your beautiful sun , as he appears and disappears on your horizon as Terra turns. To be outdoors that the starlight may activate you and you may feel your presence and not only hear our words. To let go of those things and people and ways of being that do not serve you. To make your food more simple, to return to a life more simple, for we say a time is coming where you will have no choice but to do this, for many of your systems are crashing and you need to know how to connect with the land. To live with the land, to love the food you eat and to open your heart to the energy of the earth mother who holds you in every way through your transition. We hope that we have been of assistance dear ones, we have such love and respect for you. Those of you who step outside of your boxes of confinement, those of you who open your minds and hearts to the stars and planets, to the changing times, to working with light and love energy, the creative source itself ...namaste!’