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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


9-9-9 Urgent Transmission to the Tribe of Gaia

Aug 2009

Download the CONNECTION WITH GAIA'S ASCENSION GRIDS meditation here.
It's time for the tribe to unite! We came together on the 9-9-9 to celebrate the activation of the 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th Master Atlantean crystals!

Written Version

Pleiadian-Sirian Transmission Aug 2009

Through Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

9-9-9 Urgent Call to the Tribe of Gaia!

Greetings of love and respect to all Earth Beings of Light. The Pleiadian and Sirian Councils of Light speak now on the 9-9-9 portal in your Earth year of 2009 - a day of great activation of higher energies, and cause for great celebration on your blue-green planet of beauty!

We have watched the unfolding of the energy shifts through the portals of the 1-1-1 through the 8-8-8 of power - and we see into your future the 9-9-9 through the 12-12-12, which usher in the full potential of the dawning of the AGE OF LIGHT on Gaia. We employ these numerical synchronicities within your calendar to bring your attention to the activation of the dodecahedron grid – that which allows your ascension.

The activation of the 9 great Master crystals of Atlantis which have been spoken of is pivotal in the shifting of the energies on your planet. To understand this, consider first the source of all life within the body of your planet and on her surface – the iron core crystal which is the womb of the Earth Goddess, Gaia.

From this huge and powerful crystalline core radiates the energy which breathes life into all mineral, crystal, elemental and physical manifestations of your third dimensional reality. You are connected with Her, the crystalline core, through the iron particles in the rivers of blood within your bodies, and your heart beats with her heart beat through this resonance. Gaia sings her song to you through the core crystal, which is the source of all life on your planet, and within her body.

Secondly, dear ones, consider the great waves of Light energy which are beamed down onto your planet – the solar energy of your great  Sun; the stellar radiation from many star systems which assist in your ascension and from the Great Central Sun itself! These higher dimensional energies work WITH the Earth Being in her transformation.

It is through your awareness and connection with BOTH that your transformation is most easily and joyfully achieved.

The 9 great crystals have lain dormant within the Earth being, awaiting the time on Earth when the energies were once again sufficiently high that they might be re-activated, to fulfil their original purpose as creators of multi-dimensional portals of Light. The Councils of Light and Ascended Masters work with the Warriors of Light on Gaia and with the core crystal in the reactivation of the great crystals of Atlantis, towards YOUR reactivation.

Multi-dimensionality is the state towards which you move right now. Your opening to the Star nations is an indication of this, is it not? Your desire to interact with us and the opening of your horizons to the truth of your reality is your assurance that you are awakening to your potential as multi-dimensional Light Beings.

Brothers and sisters we call you – children we call you – our terms of endearment show our heart-felt love and respect for you, dear peoples of Terra. Understand now, once and for all, that YOU ARE STAR BEINGS TOO! You are seeded with our DNA, and that of many other Star races. You are coded to wake up at this time of Gaia’s evolution into the Light, and this you do now, assisted by the Light beings both on Earth and in the higher dimensions.

On the 9-9-9 the Emerald crystal awakens! Like the emerald chakra within your chest, it is the balancer, the regulator of the process of awakening. Its awakening triggers the activation of the third and fourth crystals of the nine – and this unprecedented power surge ushers in the new Age of Light – the Crystalline Age, as it has been termed.

We ask you to celebrate this day by gathering together dear children! You are a tribe, and you are remembering this now. It is time to come together at the times of power – to celebrate the pivotal times of the Equinoxes and Solstices, and the 12 triple dates which reflect the stages of the activation of the 12 faceted dodecahedron grid.

Meditation together dear ones, raising your energies in unison, to create portals of Light across the globe! Connect through your combined third eye and heart chakras with the grids of Gaia – the new electromagnetic grid and the Dodecahedron Christ Consciousness Grid. Connect with the crystal beds of Gaia within her body and send love into the crystalline core which is her heart.

Do not let this day go by without acknowledgement and celebration Earth Children. The time is now in which you awaken to the Divine plan, and we celebrate this with you! In great love, we bid you,