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Dancing Chakra Meditation

From CD 'Dancing into the Light'

Download MP3 here (17.30 mins)

When you're not in the mood to sit still and need to reconnect with your body try this joyful movement meditation. Connect with your body from the inside out, let go of all inhibition and SMILE as you dance! Let each energy centre move your body as it is awakened, expressing beauty and power and letting go of limitations!

Your dance ends quietly as you sit down and open the Cosmic Star and Earth Star Portal chakras at the top and bottom of your aura, and finally the sacred heart in your upper chest.

This meditation allows you to become aware of and familiar with your chakras in a new and unique way, from the inside out. It assists in the vital step of your becoming ENERGY CONSCIOUS - and allows you to express joy through your body again, as you did when you were a child.

Let go in you body! Go crazy! Express yourself joyfully!