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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Solar-Lunar Dance Meditation

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Solar-Lunar Dance Meditation (5 mins)
Music by Russil Paul (from CD 'Bava Yoga')

In this dancing meditation you’re going to draw a silver, lunar ball of energy up through your body with a single in-breath, and then draw a golden, solar ball of energy down through your body with a single out-breath. This is a tantric technique - one in which you don't need a partner - simply en-lighten yourself by uniting the Divine Masculine & Feminine energies within you in a joyful dance!

 Use your body and particularly your arms in any way you choose to move these energies through your body. This may be a Goddess-like dance of grace or a chigung-type focus, drawing balls of energy up and down through your body.

  •  With your in-breath draw the silver energy up through your body to your crown.With your out-breath draw the golden energy down to your root.
  • With your in-breath feel the Goddess arise within your body.With your out-breath invite her partner Shiva down to your root.
  • Breathe the energy up. Breathe it down.
  • Magnetic Shakti energy brings power up to your higher chakras. Electric Shiva energy moves down to enlighten the lower chakras.
  • The Silvery moon energy magnetises your body on the way up. The electricity of the Golden sun pour down through every cell.

(As the Om Namaya Shivaya chant starts you can sing along if you like, as long as you keep visualising lunar energy rising up and solar energy streaming down)

  • And now relax your body completely, and close your eyes. Listen to your breath. Feel the prana, the sacred life force within your breath. Feel the energies still coursing through your body. Experience Shakti and Shiva, your Divine Feminine and Masculine, perfectly balanced within you.