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Manifesting Meditation    

Read the story of how Solara An-Ra came to this fusion technique, here

1. First make a list of 7 affirmations of things which you desire

In the meditation you will be visualising these things/aspects AS IF YOU HAVE MANIFESTED THEM ALREADY, so you need to be able to visualise them on some way. Below are some examples and suggestions to get you going with your list before doing the meditation.

  • I suggest including one on your physical health and vitality - is this not essential for your happiness? Try 'I manifest a healthy, energetic, beautiful, firm, supple, sexy body!' Add as many adjectives as you like. Your visualisation could be of you doing a yoga posture that you can't yet do, climbing a mountain, walking confidently in a bikini on the beach - whatever it would look like to have a radiant, healthy, young, energetic, beautiful body! :)
  • Some of the things you want to manifest may be abstract – for instance, “I manifest being led forward on my spiritual path.” Think of a picture of this concept to visualise in the meditation – such as your being guided forward on an illuminated path up a hill, and feeling the sense of achievement and joy that comes as you reach the crest of the hill.
  • If you are manifesting a quality such as “confidence” you could picture yourself doingng something that would require the confidence you long for, e.g. talking in front of a group, relaxed and smiling.
  • Some items on your list might be material things, e.g. “I manifest the perfect dress for the wedding, easily affordable, and easy to find.” Or, “I manifest the perfect, reliable car now.” These may be things that you can already afford, and which you know you will get anyway - but you want them to come easily, joyfully, in their highest form.
  • It's ok to manifest money - try the affirmation "I manifest an abundant RIVER of money flowing through my purse, my life, my account!" Visualise the river flowing through your energy - both in and out. Visualise giving money away joyfully - to your car mechanic, the shops where you buy things, the bills, your rent, homeless people, etc - once you LOVE giving money away and are aware of the flow of energy that this creates, it is much easier for money to flow in your life. Stop counting the money in your purse and account so much and doing 'the sums' in future projections of how you will afford things. Feel money as a FLOW, this is essential for your abundance! Recognise that without a flow of money you can't achieve your highest Light path, and LET GO OF ANY GUILT around money!
  • There could be life situations that you wish to change, such as your job, e.g. “I manifest the perfect work situation now, with people that I resonate with, using my creative skills, and earning enough money to easily cover my outgoings.” This affirmation might result in a new job, or you might find your present situation changing in ways that result in your needs and desires being met. (See “detach from the outcome” in the ‘Principles of Manifesting.’) 
  • You can manifest something to do with a relationship, but be careful to work only on your life – don’t try to change another person, or affect their life. E.g. you can say “I manifest peace and love within my relationship with John/Sarah,” and picture a heart connection between the 2 of you, but not “I manifest John/Sarah coming home earlier and being nicer to me!”
  • You can manifest a new partner with the affirmation "I manifest my perfect soul partner coming to me in perfect timing for both of our highest expression of Light paths." Visualise an abstract person in 'Light form' being drawn to sit opposite you, with Light flowing beween all of your chakras in perfect harmony! Feel happy NOW that he/she is on their way to you, rather than believing that you will only be happy when you meet that person.
  • You may want to add ‘for my highest good and the highest good of all’ on the end of some or all of your affirmations - for you don't always understand NOW what actually is for your highest good!

Having made your list, do the following meditation: -

Sit upright, and touch your forefingers to your thumbs.
Say the first affirmation out loud, and then do the following one or more times: -

Draw energy up the spine, from the root chakra to the third eye chakra.

Chant “aaaaaahhhhh,” the sound of creation/ manifesting in action.
Picture, projected out from the third eye, what you desire as you chant.
Feel the joy/peace/excitement that having that thing gives you – as if you have it already!

When you are complete with your 'Aaaah'ing on that aspect on your list: -
mentally place a clear picture of that thing, already manifested in your life, in your medulla oblongata, where your head meets your neck, right in the cells of your brain.

Move on to the next affirmation.

If you do 3 'Aaaaaah's for each of your 7 affirmations, your meditation will take about 22 minutes. This is a good way to start off - and when you know what you're doing, you can go more free-form. Sometimes you only have 5 minutes and just want to work on one of the affirmations. Sometimes you will spend a long time on one and then just 1 'aaah' on each of the others.
You will receive inspirations during your practise about the next step you need to take in order to manifest something in your life. Sometimes this is so exciting you just have to interrupt your practise and get on with that thing! If you are writing a book, for instance, and you're 'Aaaaaahing' on the book being completed joyfully and easily, you might suddenly know what needs changing in a certain chapter, and get straight down to it! If you're manifesting a course you're about to do having more participants, you might be shown where and how to advertise!
You will also receive inspirations about what you do and do not really want during your practise - which means that as you get clarity you will sometimes cross something off the list that you realise isn't important for the moment - and other times you will change the wording of the affirmation a bit.

When you have succeeded in manifesting an item on your list, cross it out and add a new one. Don't stress about your list being perfect the first time - you can start the whole list from
scratch every day if you like! You are the one in charge!


The Principles of Manifesting      

“Manifesting” simply means bringing something into your reality that was not there previously. In fact, everything that is in your life right now has been attracted to you by yourself – by your thoughts and beliefs – but most likely that has happened unconsciously. What you're doing in the manifesting practice is taking control of the process, and learning to consciously create what you desire in your life.
Manifesting involves a whole new way of being and thinking. There are new attitudes to adopt, and old habits and patterns to let go of! Embrace this new way of being with enthusiasm and anticipation – in fact, enthusiasm, as you will learn, is one of the keys to attaining your goals and dreams. Let the adventure begin!

Be Clear about your intentions / desires

If you are picturing something that you're not 100% sure you want, then either cross it off your list, or work through what you’re feeling. It sometimes happens that you only realise you don't really want something, or that its not as important as you thought it was, when you're actually picturing yourself with that thing. Or maybe you just need to change the wording of your affirmation, as you get clearer in your head about what you actually want.

Know that you are worthy of your desires!

You may feel that you don't deserve something on your list – in which case you certainly won’t be successful in manifesting it. If on the other hand you believe you deserve the very best, happiest, most prosperous life you can imagine, then that’s what you’ll create!
Many of your self-critical and limiting ideas come from your childhood and upbringing – it’s your choice whether to remain trapped in a disempowered state. You don’t need years of analysis to get over your past – just decide how you choose to be now! You can manifest that by picturing yourself as you wish to be – confident, optimistic, and peaceful – whatever you choose. Then let go of how that will happen, and let the universe help you create that way of being.  
Every single person on earth is deserving of perfect happiness and prosperity!
Only your limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Feel enthusiastic about what you're manifesting!

Put your emotions and your passion behind your manifesting practice. Although this is a scientific technique, it’s essential to be passionate in your practice!
The more enthusiastic you are about creating something in your life,
 the faster and more easily and joyfully you will draw that thing to yourself!

Detach from the outcome

This may sound strange, but all you need to do is see what you desire already in your reality, and then let it go and be in peace, trusting that everything you desire will come. What is crucial is to accept that the “HOW and WHEN” of those dreams manifesting may be different from what you expect.
It really is true that “the universe works in mysterious ways!” What you’re going for might not serve you well at that point in your life. There might be very good reasons why “your perfect life partner,” for instance, is not meant to be in your life right then – reasons that may not be obvious until several years later.
So, after saying your affirmation and then picturing yourself having achieved that goal or dream, as clearly as possible, try your best to let go of how and when that thing is going to come into your reality. Some spiritual traditions call this “letting go and letting God.”

Let go of the approval of 'the tribe'

Your family, friends and peers will most likely not relate to what you’re doing in your manifesting practice. You don’t need their approval. Don’t try to convert anyone to your way of thinking unless they’re actually asking you sincerely for help. You are “stepping out of the box” with this practice – do it in private – when your enthusiasm is dampened by another person’s negative response to what you believe in, it drains energy from what you’re doing!

Match your desires with your inner AND outer voice

If your words or thoughts are negative, and contradict the affirmation you’re using when you do the manifesting meditation, it’s not likely to work! Catch yourself complaining to a friend about being broke, or thinking, “I’ll never save enough for a holiday” – and change your words! You have to believe you can manifest that thing, and not contradict what you’re going for with your words or thoughts!


Trust - have absolute faith in your creative power

At first, you may doubt that you are completely in charge of what you create in your life. When you start to actually manifest things, however, you will start to really understand your creative power! And when you do, you will start to TRUST in your own power. It is the combination of: -
  1. your powerful mind
  2. your free will as a human
  3. your imagination – your ability to picture
  4. the passion you place behind your intentions
which combine to make you a formidable creator! Imagination is the secret ingredient in manifesting – it’s far more powerful than effort or ‘working hard’ – it involves ‘playing hard’ instead!


Practicing an attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to stay in a positive flow of incoming energy. It’s as simple as reminding yourself of all of the things in your life that you can choose to be grateful for. Your amazing body - every precious breath that you breathe, the physical pleasures you can experience – swimming, dancing, making love, being massaged, walking, the list is endless! The people in your life that you love and who love you – the lovers, friends, family, clients, children, and so on. The infinite beauty and perfection of nature that Mother Earth provides for us – the trees, forests, oceans, rivers, flowers, deserts, hills, mountains, our gardens, parks, the animals and insects, etc. The comfort and protection you have in your home – your bed, duvet, bath, kitchen, fridge, your clothes.
It’s impossible to list the things we have to be grateful for – our lives are so abundant! And yet we choose to spend a lot of our waking hours focussing on what we DON’T have, and on the things that DON’T bring us joy, satisfaction or pleasure.
In order to stay in the flow of positive energy which allows us to manifest our dreams, we have to learn to stay in a positive frame of mind as much of the time as possible. This involves choosing to focus on the positive and choosing to lift our spirits and therefore our thoughts and feelings when we’re feeling negative. There are ‘tricks of the trade’ in this business, just as there are in all other ventures…and practicing gratitude and appreciation is one of the most powerful ‘tricks’ there is!
The converse of gratitude is MOANING/COMPLAINING – catch yourself and break the habit! When someone at work moans about something, you don’t have to join in just to fit in.

Try chanting OM for 5- 20 minutes, while pictures of all you are grateful for

run continuously through your inner vision. This is a great thing to do at the end of your day.


Happy Manifesting!

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light