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 Blissful Breath Meditation

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In Kundalini Yoga, “meditation on the breath” is considered the highest form of meditation. Just listening to your breath is the first step in the right direction. Tuning into the breath brings your awareness inside.
Everything you need to know to heal yourself and become more peaceful is inside you!
This meditation is perfect for beginners to meditation - the various steps; watching your breath; bellly-breathing; painting an imaginary circle with your breath & using the ujai breath - these are all simple ways to tune you into your breath using your senses. you may resonate more with one of these steps than the others, and this technique (e.g. using the ujai breath - my favourite!) can become your greatest ally in your meditation practise! you can be doing a chakra meditation or any other practise, and when your concentration starts wandering, just bring your awareness back to your breath. Learn to LOVE watching your breath - it brings you into the present moment - the only place to be! in your power!

Wording: Blissful Breath Meditation

Close your eyes, and bring your awareness inside, into your body. Notice your in-breath and out-breath, and gently start to slow it down. Your breath is all there is – just the wonderful feeling of life and light coming into your body with the in-breath. Use your out-breath to relax your whole body. Relax your face muscles, neck and shoulders, your arms, torso and legs. Your body feels soft and heavy.
Bring your in-breath right down into your belly now, below your navel. Imagine your belly is a balloon, which fills with air and expands as you breathe in, and deflates as you breathe out. This is a gentle breath, there’s no movement in your body except for the rise and fall of your tummy. It feels as though you are by-passing your lungs and bringing the air straight through your diaphragm to below your navel. Your breath is soft and rhythmical.
Now, in your imagination, try painting a circle with your breath, the in-breath drawing half the circle, and your out-breath completing it in one continuous motion. It doesn’t matter which way your circle goes, or what colour it is – just watch your breath painting the circle, the inhalation painting the first half, and the exhalation the second half. You realise how your in- and exhalation are part of one whole.
Try using the ujai breath now, gently compressing your throat passage, which helps you control the flow of your breath. Allow a sighing sound to emit from your throat. (x3)
The sound of your breath is like the sound of the waves in the ocean. The coming and going of your breath ecoes the rise and fall of the waves.
The sound of your breath holds within it the quality of PEACE. Let your mind be completely absorbed into the beautiful, peaceful sound and rhythm of your breath.
Just breathing in this slower, softer way is a wonderful and powerful meditation. You are training your mind to keep focussed on one thing – your precious, life-filled breath. Your body and mind relaxes, and deep peace enters your being.
Smile inwardly now, allowing the love from a gentle smile on your lips to radiate like light through every cell of your body. Congratulate yourself for taking the time to tune into your blissful breath, inside your being. Your breath is the doorway inside. It is the bridge between your body and Spirit.