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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



New Sacred Heart Meditation

Download free of charge here


My guides call the higher heart chakra AMUN. Awareness and activation of this chakra is crucial at this time on Earth – it allows us to connect with all other sentient beings through unconditional love, thus moving into Unity or Christ Consciousness as we were always destined to do.

This new version of the meditation includes the opening of the back of the heart Chakra, allowing your Angelic wings to unfold from between your shoulder blades. This heals defenses so that you can love and accept yourself unconditionally and be open to receiving love.


Thank you so much Solara An-Ra. I've shared your beautiful 2010 Heart meditation with many people and listen each morning to it myself. Your voice is soothing yet strong, and the meditations on your site are healing.
Love and many blessings, Lynne aka Ara-Sha Le-Ah