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Earth Connection - a guided journey

Download or listen free here

One of the first meditations I ever recorded, for meditation students to use at home in their personal practice. It is from CD2 ~ 'Grounding, Chakra Healing & Breath Meditations' .

I have a request from one of those students to make this accessible here ~ there are some people who are assisted by this kind of guided journey and others who prefer less visual stimulus. For those of you with whom this resonates - enjoy dear friends!

Love love love,
Solara An-Ra


An beautiful story about a woman with sleep apnea who has been greatly assisted by using this meditation:

Dear Solara, I regularly recommend your site to friends and family and it never fails, every single person is amazed even those that are not so convinced – an example, my mother. Although my mother is very spiritual (closet case though), she never took heed of my recommendation to try some of your meditations (she just was not ready). Just a couple of months back she was diagnosed with Central Sleep apnea. Although it is a fairly common disorder, her case is so severe her Doctors and Specialists do not know what to do for her. She stops breathing during her sleep anywhere between 25 to 50 times an hour even with the Breating Aid machine she sleeps with …. Needless to say she is exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. Doctors warned her that she is critical and could suffer from a stroke or heart failure at any time – adding to her anxiety.
Just this past week, my 11 year old daughter spent 3 days with my parents. During her stay, she shared a bed with my mother. She had a hard time sleeping with the sound of my mother’s sleep apnea machine (very loud) so she suggested they both listen to one of your meditations to help them fall asleep – her favorite is “Earth Connection – a guided Journey”. My mother agreed to please my daughter. They both listened to this meditation before going to sleep and my mother had WONDERFUL results. My mother’s sleep apnea results recorded during her sleep indicated that she only stopped breathing 2 - 6 times an hour instead of her regular 25 – 50. INCREDIBLE! She continued to do so for the next 3 night with the same results. This has been the only thing that has helped my mother.
I had to write you and share this story with you. I am SO grateful that the meditation has helped my mother and I am eternally grateful to you and your guides. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Your light is spreading … wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!
With MUCH gratitude, love and light