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Sirian Ascension Meditation

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Sirian Ascension Meditation (13 minutes)
This is a PRACTICAL way to use the heightened energies available from the 8.8 Stargate of August 2010 and onwards, to raise yourself into a higher frequency. My guides say about this meditation, ‘With these skills you will be safe in the eye of the storm.’
What they mean by this is that when we are able to shift at will out of our physicality into our Light Bodies, we will be unaffected by whatever is happening in the third dimension. In this way we are in fact practicing being in the timelessness of the 4th or higher dimensions - these energies are available to us NOW, and this is a simple way of practicing moving into a higher dimension at will.

Posture is crucial in this meditation – use a firm cushion to raise your buttocks off the floor, or sit on the edge of a low chair and cross your feet in front of you so that your knees are apart. Roll forward in your pelvis – don’t lean on the back of the chair or wall.

It may take a while to master the ‘freezing’ of your posture, and also the suspension of your breath. Relax and enjoy experimenting – there is no success or failure. Your body may be adjusted in a way that is different from that described, according to the state of your chakras and energy body.
When your breath pauses for a while, don’t panic - you are in complete control of this process, and can choose to resume breathing at any time. As soon as you relax you will find yourself in a state of bliss, the state of Samadhi so sought after by the yogis!

ASK FOR ASSISTANCE with your posture and the process - the Star Beings and angels are here in every moment to assist - you just need to ask them!

Written Transcript: Sirian Ascension Meditation

We, the Sirian Council of Light, gift you now with this meditation, towards your ascension process. Visualise us sending this transmission to you from the brightest star in your sky, Sirius. It is sent with great love – feel the love we have for you, dear children of the Earth planet.

Close your eyes now. Sit with your spines erect in a cross-legged position, and touch your forefingers to your thumbs, making an energy circuit now.

We place each one of you now in a column of brilliant blue-white light, which connects you vertically into our star, and as the light pours down into your planet, you are grounded down into her heart.

Now, experience your 2 knees and the end of your spine as a 3-cornered base of a pyramid. Your third eye, in the geometric centre of your head, is the apex of this pyramid. Hold your awareness in your third eye now, experiencing it as the tip of the pyramid.

Feel the stability of your base through the triangulation of your 2 knees and your tailbone. There is a triangulation upwards as well, into your third eye, as you invoke the sacred geometry of the tetrahedron which stabilises your bodies.

Adjust your posture now. Ask for your bodies to be aligned within the flow of higher energy in which we have placed you. As your breath rises, like a wave, through your body, allow your ribcage to lift and expand in all directions. As your spine stretches upwards your chin naturally tilts forwards, and your abdomen lifts and tightens. Keep this sense of expansion in your ribs and this tautness in your torso as the breath leaves your body.

As you breathe, slowly and gently, experiment with this tightening in the muscles of your torso, lifting out of your ribcage. Ask for assistance with this, so that you may experience a freezing of your posture, which is curiously effortless. Your chest is expanded outwards and your ribcage is lifted, so that the soft place of the solar plexus is taut.

As your breath becomes increasingly subtle, allow there to pauses in its flow. This is not a controlled holding of your breath, dear ones, but a natural suspension - one which occurs spontaneously. Your body is in deep stillness; your awareness firmly fixed in the third eye, and your breathing simply pauses.

In this pausing, your body is sustained through the reservoir of prana in your cells. Within this stillness, you access the no-time, no space of the 4th dimension.

Feel the stability of your body which comes from the activation of the pyramid within. Your spine rises upwards from the solid base of your legs and tailbone. While your spine remains straight and aligned, your head is light as a feather upon your neck, and may move in the energy flow.

Ask for assistance dear children – for your posture and breathing will be adjusted should you be willing to be assisted. Let the air be periodically emptied from your body, and feel the prana in every cell sustaining you. You are a Light Being, as are we – experience this now.

These skills we pass onto you, dear Earthlings, are crucial - with these skills you will be safe in the eye of the storm. We radiate love through your beings now.

Do not forget to call for our assistance dear ones, for we cannot help unless you ask. Namaste.