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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


My new WAKE UP meditation, in honour of WAKE UP Festival, 15 June 2015 on the island of IBIZA.

A revolutionary project to bring consciousness to the masses ~
combining workshops, meditations, sacred geometry, performance, art, live music, dj's & dancing.

I will be leading meditations and presenting on Earth Shifts and Energy Control

Download or listen to the Soundfile only HERE

Written Transcript of the WAKE UP Meditation

Close your eyes, and sit as upright as possible. Ask for assistance with your posture, so that your spine and torso floats as light as a feather on the heavy, steady base of your body. Your 12 chakras are perfectly aligned now ~ 3 above your head, 7 within your body and 2 below your body, spinning in union now  as you practise this awakening technique.

Move into the UJAI breath now, mouth closed, compressing your throat passage slightly, through your intention. This creates a sighing or ocean sound from your throat and allows you to slow your breath down dramatically. You are breathing very slowly now, and you are perfectly relaxed. You are being assisted by your guides and by Babaji ~ your body is held in a higher dimensional flow of light and energy, and your breathing is slow, deep and relaxed. Your world becomes your breath. It is totally absorbing ~ the feeling of the in-breath, bringing light, life and promise ~ the sensation of letting go and deep relaxation with your out-breath.

Now you begin to visualise with every in-breath that you are drawing Light from your root chakra up through your prana tube into your third eye. With every out-breath you draw Light from your crown down through your chakras into your root. With every in-breath you are drawing Light from your root chakra up through your prana tube into your third eye. As you breathe this Light up into your third eye, your root chakra is activated by the Shakti prana of Gaia. With every out-breath you draw Light from your crown down through your chakras into your root. As you pull this energy down, your crown chakra is activated by the Light of the higher dimensions.

You sense and hear the prana moving up and down through the ocean sound of Ujai. It sounds and feels like energy rushing up and down through your prana tube. Your awareness of this energy - activated through your breath and visualisation - is your WAKE UP call. You are in your centre- in your heart - in a state of infinite love and gratitude, breathing Shakti and Shiva energy flows through your physical body. The Shakti flow of Gaia strengthens your upper chakras, awakening your third eye & psychic senses. The Shiva flow of the Universal Creator enlightens your lower chakras, bringing clarity.

With your in-breath you pull Light from your root chakra up into your third eye. There is no need to pull this Light into your crown because your awakening comes in Ajna. The rising energy of Gaia or Shakti, Goddess, strengthens and heals you. It recalibrates your negative thoughts into ideas that serve your highest good ~ thoughts of self-love, confidence, motivation, integrity and desire to be of service. As your thoughts and the corresponding emotions recalibrate, your body heals and regenerates. As you pull this Light up your heart is open to Gaia, the Earth Mother, in infinite love and gratitude. With your out-breath you pull Light from your crown down through your third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus and belly into your root, Muladhara. You perceive that your crown is a portal, a gateway for the Light of Source, and that this Divine energy is purifying you, enlightening you, activating you. As you bring the light down your heart is open to your guides, angels, the Galactic Beings of Light & the Source of all creation, in infinite love and gratitude.

Relax your breath now ~ no effort, no sound, just the awareness of the energy still rising and falling in your body. Say out loud: ‘I AM ONE WITH GAIA.’ Say: 'I AM ONE WITH THE LIGHT.’ You wake up to the power of the Shakti & Shiva kundalini flows within you and how doing this sacred pranayama awakens your true potential, on both human and higher dimensional levels. Awareness of your breath, as always, is a key. Visualisation and awareness of prana, as always, is a key. Love and gratitude, as always, is a key.

Again, you affirm: ‘I AM ONE WITH GAIA.’ Again you affirm: 'I AM ONE WITH THE LIGHT.’ And so it is, dear ones. Practice this form of conscious breathing in order to WAKE UP to the reality of who you are, visualising the rising and falling prana with each in- and out-breath. This can become a daily practise, not only reserved for your meditation or pranayama time. It is as easy as 1-2-3, keeping you in vertical connection. AWAKE; aware of your connection with all that is above. AWAKE; aware of your connection, in love, with all-that is-below. AWAKE to your true centre, your heart, allowing the Divine Intelligence of the heart to guide you through life. And so it is. We are with you are on your journey of awakening. Namaste.