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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Reconnecting the Light Grid of Gaia

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This meditation was part of the webinar below

Reconnecting the Light Grid of Gaia - 2012/2013

2 hour Workshop with Solara An-Ra
& The Star Councils of Light

I put this webinar on for all of us who have incarnated now to assist in the birthing of the Golden Age on Gaia. One of the core jobs we have is to continue to reconnect the Light Grid which was put in place by the priests and priestesses of Atlantis aeons ago - through connecting the sacred sites of our planet. As we birth into the new age of Unity Consciousness, this Higher Consciousness Grid - which assists the masses on Earth to awaken - is being reconnected through our healing and activating work in the sacred sites, large and small, across the planet. And So It Is!