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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Embodying Your Higher Self Meditation

Listen or download free here

This meditation is a version of my recent 'One Heart Light-Tribe' Meditation (which I had to remove from YouTube because of music issues, but which is still available on my website for download here )

It was channeled in Webinar 2 of my 'Connecting with Your Higher Self' series -- I hope you enjoy it!
Love love love, Solara An-Ra

Written Transcript: Embodying Your Higher Self

Dear Light People, smile the smile of the enlightened Buddha now, which open your hearts in love and joy! This meditation will teach you how to hold the One-Heart frequency in a more constant state, for longer periods of time, which assists you in embodying your higher Self. The One-Heart truly is the heart chakra of your Higher Self, of your Golden Angel or I AM presence. It is your enlightened heart chakra, one that knows WE ARE ALL ONE. Just as the personality heart chakra, Anahata,  is the centre of your personality self, so the One-Heart is the central pivot and activating portal of your higher dimensional, enlightened self.

Place both hands on the centre of your chest now. Say out loud ‘I open my heart in love and gratitude now!’ As you do this the combined vibrations of Love and gratitude are activated within your physical cells and your aura flows with the soft, pink energy of love-in-motion. The easiest way to bring yourself into the higher frequency of LOVE, Light and joy is to activate gratitude within your emotional field – to think of those things that you love in other words. Let us do this together now.

Think upon the enlightened dolphins, think upon the beautiful, great wales who hold the akashic records of Earth intact, think with love about your own dogs and cats, your domestic animals; about all the beloved children on your Earth planet. Your heart opens now, thinking about these things that you love and are grateful for – feel the heart energy expanding in your chest. Give thanks for nature in all its glory and beauty and power; give thanks for those who love and support you. Open yourself in gratitude for the synchronicities that your Higher Self calls constantly into your life – the signs and messages; the clues and people which assist you in deciding what path to take, which decisions to make. Bring all these things into your consciousness now, the myriad things you have in your life already that you may be grateful for!

Say out loud ‘The One-Heart is activated within me now!’ Feel the turquoise crystalline Light of the One-Heart spinning through the pink in your aura, flowing into your energy body. Smile as you move into a state of bliss, LOVE and gratitude for all-that-is. Know that your One-Hearts are resonating with each other now! Feel the resonance between your One-Heart and all others on Gaia in whom this is activated. Feel your aura strengthening, your emotions calming, your mind stilling. A deep peace and strength arises in you now. And sit with your hands in the peace mudra now, one hand on top of the other in your lap. 

The greatest force in the universes, the force of LOVE, is healing and strengthening each one of you now.  In this moment you know absolutely: WE ARE ALL ONE. All things in the universes are made of the same fabric; created through the same energy – the LOVE OF GOD. You are not separate from God, you are an out-pouring of Him. Your Higher Self is an outpouring of the love of God! And in the moments where you remember that YOU ARE LOVE, you are embodying your Higher Self.

Your One-Heart centres are magical tools in this New Age of Light! When you are connected with each other through your One-Hearts no negative energy may flow between you. And so the nature of relationships between Earth people changes now. You become transparent, loving beings, seeing each other as reflections of each other – all of you made of the Light of the Creator, all of you outpourings of the Love of the Creator. Know that this is one of your combined strengths at this time as a tribe on the planet - your ability to activate the One-Heart frequency within yourself and therefore to stimulate this awakening within others.

And so it is.