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Body, Heart, Spirit Connection Meditation

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Written Transcript

Close your eyes. Smile inwards, dear ones. We will go on a journey of 3 chakras; primary interconnecting chakras within your internal system that can be used on a daily basis for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual clarity and connection.

Place one or both hands on your belly dear ones and tune into Svadhisthana, this beautiful, vibrant orange field of energy in your belly. As you draw your awareness into your belly, it opens and a brilliant carnelian orange field spirals out as the vortex opens. You smile into your physical body, connecting fully with your physical body in love and gratitude. Thoughts of love and appreciation for your body flow through you now ~ love and appreciation for your toes, your feet, your ankles; for your calves, your knees, your thighs, your hips; for your pelvis, your belly, your chest, your spine; for your shoulders, your arms, your hands & fingers; for your neck, your head, your face.

And as you connect in with your physical body, images flow through your mind, fuelled by the love and appreciation for your body that is stimulated. You are grateful for your ability to walk, run, skip, dance, do yoga, make love, eat, drink, smell, feel, hear and see. All of these blessed things and gifts through your physical body ~ understanding that in this life, this embodiment, your physical body is a vessel for all else; for your being, for your actions, for your manifestations; for your life ~ and it must be appreciated, nurtured and loved, unconditionally. You have thoughts and feelings now of unconditional love for your body. You feel how your body is connected with the earth below. How your body is part of the body of Gaia.

Place one or both hands on your heart now, dear ones. This is the centre chakra; centre of your being ~ and in this place your thoughts of love and appreciation are for yourself on every level as a human being, including your personality; your way of being; the expression of you which is in this world. You decide right now to love and accept yourself exactly as you are, with no conditions. Letting go of any judgement or criticism of who you are or where you’re at right now; opening the emerald green flow of Anahata. And in this moment you are a magnet for love ~ the field of love that spins out from you magnetises towards you that of equal vibration. As you love yourself, so is love attracted towards you; like attracting like, and you are in the field of love intelligence and flow ~ the love of the Creator flowing through you and your life.

Lick one finger now, wetting one finger and placing this between your brows, and then relax your hands, your focus now in this place of Ajna, the indigo blue of the third eye. As you gaze inwards o Ajna, your sense of yourself is awakened ~ the flame which is you. Now you feel and experience yourself as Light ~ as a light being, as an energy being ~ and you love, appreciate and accept yourself on this level of spirit, understanding that you are more than your physical, emotional, mental aspects ~ you are an energy being. With the awakening of your third eye, with the opening of this vortex in the centre of your brain, you open to experiencing yourself on other levels, at higher levels of creation, the Intelligence of Source connecting in with you now. This is your place of awakening. You understand that your Higher Self connects more fully with you now, connecting into your being.

Focus once again on your belly - the orange in your belly – with love and appreciation for your body. Understand that the chakra below, Muladhara, although commonly used to ground yourself, is fully connected in with your belly chakra. These 2 function together – and so it is that focussing in on your belly will connect and awaken Muladhara also; both chakras relating to the body, to the physical and to grounding.  

Focus in on your heart once more; your centre point. See now how the heart and solar plexus (which is below) work together. See how the personality and the mind aspect within the solar plexus, Manipura, is healed and opened when the heart works effectively ~ how both of these chakras relate to self-love and acceptance, which brings you into your power.

Focus once more on the Third Eye, Ajna. Notice how the throat chakra, below, is the gateway into Ajna ~ how when the heart is open and awareness of the spirit is there, this spontaneously opens Vissudha, the gateway between the heart and the spirit. Notice now how Sahasrara at the crown opens spontaneously when you are in a true sense of yourself as spirit ~ it is the portal to all-that-is-above and is spontaneously opened when Ajna is fully functioning.

And so dear ones you understand that these 3 chakras are primary now, to bring you back into balance ~ that a gentle reminder into awareness of all 3 is a short-cut to a full chakra meditation or opening. Connecting in with the belly chakra – opening into a full sense of the physical with love and appreciation, connecting in with the Earth planet; the Earth Mother, spontaneously grounding. Focussing in your heart in every moment possible, feeling waves of love emanating out into the world, magnetically attracting love towards you. The healing and opening of the heart will heal and open your mind. The healing and opening of the heart will open Vissudha so that you express your truth and integrity. The focus on Ajna, on the I AM THAT I AM centre will spontaneously dissolve the monkey-mind ~ will spontaneously awaken your awareness of yourself as spirit, and thus open Sahasrara, connecting you with ALL-THAT-IS, bringing your awareness: ‘WE ARE ALL ONE’.

You are one with Gaia; you are one with the Light; your heart is your centre. We enjoy giving you shortcuts dear ones; simplifying things, making it easier for you to practise ~ dissolving your resistance to your experience of your true power, Light and greatness. Everything is more simple than it seems. On this journey of life, you remind yourself of who you truly are with this focus on the belly, the heart, the third eye. And so it is. Namaste.