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Written Transcripts of Energy Lessons
  The actual Video Lessons are here


Lesson 1: Energy Awareness & Control
Lesson 2: Energy Recharging & Avoiding Energy Drainage

Lesson 3: Prana Tube Activation, Mudras to Recharge, Aura Clearing

Lesson 4: Breath Techniques: Ujai, Complete, So-Hum & No-breath

Lesson 5: Nadi Shodhana – Third Eye & Pineal Awakening
Lesson 6: The Breathless State through Postural Manipulation & the Power of Gratitude

Lesson 7: Nadi Shodhana Stage 2 & the Breathless State through Immersion in Prana
Lesson 9: Awkening Kundalini Stage 2; Nadi Shodhana Stage 3



We are the Councils of Light, and we ask you now to close your eyes.  As you close your eyes, your attention is drawn inwards, into an energy field. The energy field which you perceive initially is that of your physical body. With your eyes closed now, we wish you to picture yourselves in 3-D form from head to fingers and toes, and to place your awareness in your entire body, through every cell and fluid and space within your physical body. And we wish you now to perceive that within this experience of yours, of your energy within your physical body, you suddenly perceive that there is Light within every aspect of your physicality.

Just as you perceive that there is an aura which is the Light energy which emits past your skin and into the space around you, so at this moment you perceive that every cell in your body has its own miniature aura. Every cell of every tissue of your bones, your organs, your veins, your blood – every aspect of your physicality which is made of trillions and billions of cells, each one of these emitting its own golden-white frequency Light - and these miniature auras are combining within your physical body to create one golden-white Light physical body being. This is your etheric body – this is the energetic counterpart of your physical body. It is not your aura, and it is an exact replica of your 3-D physical body, but in energy format.

You may open your eyes now – and we wish you, with your eyes open, to see if you can perceive this still. If you can perceive yourself as an energy being, which includes, and is indeed, your physical body. If you place your hands in a ‘Namaste’ now and blur your vision slightly, almost closing your eyes, you will begin to see the energy aspect of your physical hands. You will begin to see inside your skin – to perceive that there is not only physical density here, but also Light; a golden-white Light frequency, which is the etheric counterpart of your physical hands. As you move your hands slightly apart from each other now, you will begin to perceive that there is Light which flows from your fingertips also. There are chakric vortices on the tips of each one of your ten fingers, and the energy is concentrated at these places. As you experiment with gently moving your fingers apart from each other and then closing your hands into the Namaste again, you will begin to not only see but also feel the energy which emits from your fingertips.

Close your eyes again, dear human tribe, and now we ask you to experience your auric shield. It is a field of energy which emits from your skin. It is generated from the central axis of energy which has been called sushumna by the yogis. (NOTE: Sushumna is the central channel/pathway through which energy flows up and down through the 7 internal chakras.)

As you perceive this swirling concentrated energy column which corresponds with your spine in physical terms, you now perceive that Light and energy radiates from that central column through the Light cells of your etheric body and out past the confines of your skin into the space around you. We wish you to move your hands and arms in whatever way you choose, in order to perceive that there is a Light energy field through which your fingers move now, so that you are able to perceive through your feeling sense aspect the energy which is emitted past your skin and into the field around your body. Use the chin mudra now. Connect your forefingers and thumbs, making this energetic circuit possible in your body and resting your hands facing upwards on your knees.

We wish you to activate your aura – not that it is not there already, but in order to concentrate your energy. Say out loud now, ‘I activate my energy body now’. As you do this, you switch on the Light of your auric field, so that it is more visible to both you and us. And we wish you to push your aura out consciously; this brighter energy which you have activated, so that is approximately 3 feet on all sides. If, for a moment or two you extend an arm out in front of you, you will extend your aura out to the edge of your fingertips, roughly one arm’s length to the front of you. We wish you to perceive that there is a crust; a greater energy which is at the edge of your auric field, so that you are able to feel your edge, your boundaries. Push your aura out, concentrating it behind your body now to the same distance, 3 feet behind you. We understand that this is not as easy for many of you as you are orientated through your visual faculty towards the front – but you must know that this is as easy as 1-2-3, as you activate your energy body begind you, it magically expands and concentrates to the exact width of your aura to the front, and now do this to the left and right; activating your energy field so that it is equal front and back, left and right, and now above and below. Feeling that Light concentrating in your aura above your head – pushing that Light down, down below your body, paying no attention whatsoever to the cushion, the chair, the floor of the building, and simply knowing that your energy interpenetrates all other energy, physical or not.

We call this you auric shield, using this term to imprint within your consciousness that your energy body is in fact a shield which protects you on every level – physical, emotional and mental. Many of you have no concept of this whatsoever; you have no concept of your auric field as a shield which you can concentrate as much as you like; which you can recharge as much as you like, on a daily or even hourly basis, to ensure that you are not drained unconsciously; that you do not let your energy fly away from your being unconsciously, and are in control of your energy at all times.

Close your eyes, and feel your auric field, imaging this as a perfect egg shape now, with the oval above your head and down below your body – and you will see, as you place your awareness in your aura, you will experience that it is not a fixed egg shape, but is fluctuating; it is organic; it is a part of you. And we wish you to pay particular attention to what happens in your auric field now as you command that all of your energy returns.

Say out loud now ‘Let all energy I have given away or left behind return to me now!’  You perceive the change within your aura, and you feel this within your physical body, perhaps as a tingling or sensation in your hands and arms; perhaps as a feeling of getting brighter, of holes being repaired in your aura, of holes being filled. Perhaps when you reclaim your energy in this way you have images of people places or situations where your energy has been lost, and as these arise you simply notice ‘Aha, and so this is it, and now my energy, which belongs to me and no other, is returning.’ If you have been giving your energy away to a particular person or a relationship for instance, and this image pops up in your inner mind, you simply blow that person or situation away with love. You simply blow... and off that person or situation goes, into their own energy field, as your energy is reclaimed into your physical and emotional bodies.

Experience your physical layer -this, the first of the layers of your energy field. Experiencing this wondrous physical vehicle of yours as Light and energy - this is step number one. Experiencing your auric field or shield around you, and learning how to concentrate it; to pull it in or push it out, as the occasion demands - this is step number two.

Why and when is it necessary to expand or contract your energy field? It is advisable to pull this in to a comfortable distance when you are sharing your energy with many other people, or on a place on Earth where you are not sure of the energies, or where you are aware that the energies are not high. You do not pull this in out of fear or defensiveness – this is simply good common energy sense. You concentrate your energy, and pull it in to 2 or 3 feet in all directions, and keep awareness of your energy field; keeping awareness of its completeness and its bright Light and power. In this way you are creating a shield once again, not out of fear or defensiveness, but simply common sense. You do not want your energy to be interfered with; you do not want it to be drained; you do not want it to be contaminated!

On the other hand, when you are in a place such as this, a place where the mountains are so powerful, beautiful, serene and filled, charged with the energy of the creator, you wish to expand your energy! So if you are sitting comfortably now dear ones; if you are in a place where you are confident that the energy is clear and high, and where the people around you have a similar Light energy field, you may practise expanding your aura now.

Close your eyes, have a sense of the Light field within your physical sheath now. Have a sense of your aura, contained as it is and bright around you now. Say out loud ‘I expand my energy body now!’ - and send your aura out as far as it wishes to go. This might be double the size – 6 or 7 feet; this might be 11 or 22 feet; or you might choose, as Solara An-Ra does now, to extend your energy field into the sacred world of Gaia around you, through the walls of the building and out into the skies, the heavens, the clouds, the mountains, the plants, the plants; into Gaia’s body herself. Experience now how this feels – your energy field has become more diffuse, has it not? Your energy field has become less concentrated as it is so large. And there is a sense of the creatures and beings of Gaia within your energy field; of sharing your energy with the birds and insects and the crawling ones of Gaia; of feeling the joy and peace of the elements of Gaia contained within all aspects of Her.

Send your love now, from your heart, out to all beings of Gaia, and into Gaia’s body. And experience that love and felt connection of unity entering back into your aura, so that you experience ‘We are all one’.

Now, at your given command, your auric field will return to 3 feet in all directions. Say out loud ‘I recall my energy now!’ Feel it rushing back towards your physical body; feel it settling into a comfortable distance around your body now. You must know and experiment with when it is desirable to pull your energy field in dear ones, or to expand your energy field out. You must learn how to clear your energy field when it is contaminated; how to recharge your energy when it is low. These are the basic energy rules for any empowered being; any being on any planet or dimension must understand their own energy components!

Those of you who watch this now, who hear our words and our teachings, you are already aware that everything is energy, and energy is everything, and that within this unified concept that you are energy also, and yet you human beings are not accustomed to working with your own energy fields, and to indeed transforming your selves into the highest aspect of your energy selves which is possible while in the third dimension.

As healers, many of you are used to channelling energy through your physical vehicle, and usually out of your hand chakras. You have this concept, and correctly so, that you are not using your own energy within these healing practises, but you are literally bringing higher energy through your physical body and transmitting this to another human being or perhaps plant or animal, in order to give them an energy boost, and allow this higher energy to do its work of healing and transformation. But many of you same healers talk about ‘being drained’ from doing this, or being depleted in your energy from seeing too many clients, and this is a sure fire indication that you are not using these techniques of replenishing your energy sufficiently.

When we speak with you again, we will teach you how to re-charge yourself. We will teach you how to cleanse your energy fields, that they may be sparkling and powerful once more. We will teach you the difference between giving of your energy in such a way that your energy is recharged rather than drained. And we look forward to speaking with you once more. Namaste.




Let us review, dear ones, what we have learnt. Close your eyes now. Let us say, in unison, ‘I call Light to myself now!’ Perceive that a great column of white Light now pours not only through your physical body, but also your energy body, allowing your aura once more to be roughly 3 feet in all directions. Push this Light and energy 3 feet in front of you; 3 feet behind you; 3 feet to the left and right, 3 feet or slightly more above and below, so that you experience your energy body around you as Golden-White, flowing liquid Light, an egg-shape which is organic and flowing in nature. And this great column of white Light that you have invoked emits from Source itself. It is a higher, brighter, whiter energy that that of your aura, and it streams from the infinity of above through your energy and physical body – and it illuminates Gaia’s body below you, so that you can see the underground crystal caves, and the Inner worlds and cities of Light – and deep below you see the great core crystal of Gaia, a crystal of such magnificence that it stretches your imaginations to allow an image to form in your inner mind.
This great crystal is experienced differently according to where you are on Gaia. It sings its song differently into your body according to where you are on Gaia. Calling the column of Light to flow through your physical and energy body is the primary step in this lesson. It is a step which raises your vibrational frequency instantly, and all that is needed for this to be activated within your field is your trust; your knowing that this is so. It is not dependant on your ability to visualise or imagine it clearly, for some of you think that you are not ‘good at this’, is this not so? There is no such thing from our perspective – you are perhaps simply lacking in practise, forgetting how to use your imaginations as you did while children.
The most powerful aspect in order to make any visualisation real is your trust that what you invoke or call for is activated. And as you practise this step on a daily or even hourly basis, simply choosing to call Light to yourself, (which you may do out loud or silently as you choose) - your trust, your knowing that this is realised in that moment – that it is real, that it is manifest – it is this more than your ability to visualise from your inner third eye, it is this which makes it real, and with practise you will find that the actual sensation and ability to visualise the white Light comes naturally with no effort on your part.
So let us speak of the purpose of the column of light. We have mentioned that this raises your vibrational frequency. This is the name of the game within the ascension process, is it not - to raise the frequency of your physical sheath or layer, and also of the further layers of your energy body. For as this frequency is raised – as the wave-length is quickened - so you move automatically into a higher dimension. And on one level it is as easy as this!
Raising your vibration is also equivalent is also equivalent to raising your emotional frequency, which means that you become happier! You become lighter in your way of being. You become more peaceful and less disturbed, and you are more in resonance with your energy that you are with your thoughts and your physicality. So, having raised your vibration thus, we will speak also of the benefits which incur from calling the column of Light, regarding vertical connection – regarding the connection with ‘all-that-is-above’ and ‘all-that-is below’.
All-that-is-above refers to the higher dimensions, all the way up to Source – the highest frequency which is imaginable. Within the higher dimensions we reside, the Star Beings of Light, the Ascended Masters and yogis reside, all those who have attained higher frequency reside in all-that-is-above, and you desire to connect with these, do you not? You desire to connect with guides, with Source, with Ascended masters, for it is these that assist you at this time with raising your frequency into the ascension frequencies.
All-that-is-below refers primarily to your Earth planet, to Gaia, and all of her layers and levels. This is for you specifically, you Earth beings – for us it is different. Many of you who are spiritual in inclination believe that the upward connection is all-important. You know that grounding, yes, will assist you in your physical vehicle – but you do not perhaps understand fully the extent to which connecting with your Earth planet in open-heart assists you – the extent to which healing is available from Gaia Herself.
So let us speak now about grounding from your bellies. There was a time when you grounded from your first chakras – from Muladhara, the root chakra at the base of your energy system. But it is more beneficial now for you to ground from Svadhistanha, from the chakra in your belly. So dear ones, place your hands on your belly now – perhaps both hands one on top of the other – and one hand in front and one hand behind on your sacrum – and as you bring your awareness inside, into the very centre of your belly, you encounter this powerful vortex of energy which is the place of grounding for your physicality. In this grounding technique you will visualise that from this belly chakra a grounding cord of Light which is like an umbilical cord extends down through Mulhadhara, through your first chakra, into the great core crystal of Gaia directly below.
Relax your hands if you wish now. Let them be as they choose, in whatever mudra you choose for grounding. Some of you favour the mudra of the diamond, and you may try this now, creating a diamond with your forefingers and your thumbs, and pointing your forefingers down, holding the diamond over your belly. It is not that this is strictly necessary for grounding, but this connection does assist from our perspective as we look into your energy bodies.
Say out loud ‘I ground myself into the heart of Gaia now’. Imagine and feel this cord of Light from your belly extending down through your first chakra and into the core crystal of Gaia. And as this occurs you feel a resonance within your physical body; you feel perhaps a shaking or a rocking within your body; you feel perhaps a humming within your physical cells. What occurs as you ground yourself into the heart of Gaia with love, is that the love of the great mother is able to move up through that grounding cord and into your bodies.
Relax your hands if you wish into any mudra of your choosing and experience your grounding cord firmly fixed into the magnetic core of Gaia. The core of Gaia is indeed most powerful for you Earth beings as far as the integrity of your physical bodies go. Your physical bodies are third dimensional, is this not so? Your physical bodies resonate with the crystals and minerals, not only within the core crystal but within the entire body of the being Gaia! When you consciously connect with open heart into the core crystal, the minerals and crystals within your blood and veins, within the fluids of your physical body begin to resonate with the minerals and crystals within Gaia. And you feel this as a deep, joyful connection, and the great Mother feels your connection with such love and gratitude. Your connection with the Great Mother, in this energetic way, allows the re-charging of your physical body and this is what we wish to imprint upon your memory banks now – that your healing is assisted most greatly by your connection with Gaia – and this must by necessity be a connection with open-heart.
Grounding yourselves into Gaia without love, without heart, can be effective on an energetic level – but it cannot bring the connection which allows the healing and reintegration of your third dimensional bodies in such a way that your ascension is made effortless. Your connection and recharging from Source energy is extremely important, yes, regarding raising your vibration and teaching you how to be multi-dimensional masters. But ascension cannot be achieved at this time without your connection down into Gaia.
When this connection is permanently with you Gaia speaks to you at all times. She assists you at knowing what foods and liquids are good for you through your body chakras. She assists you in knowing which places on Gaia are good for you and which are not, for is it not that you are happy in some places, and is it not that you are drained or disturbed in other places. The time is now in which it is not possible for you to move forward with ease and grace if you are living in a place which is not good for you – if you are living in a place in which you cannot ‘make home’ and love Gaia. And this does not mean that you cannot live in a city, for there are always aspects of Gaia within all places – cities and countries. It is simply that you must be where healing is possible for your body – where recharging from Gaia is possible for your body.
Sit now, dear ones, in this mudra – right hand on top of your left, resting in your lap – and you will feel that what comes is a settling down into peace-full-ness. Practising these steps as given –
1.       Calling light to yourself, allowing energy to enter in your physical body and aura from above through the column of light.
2.       Grounding yourself from your belly into Gaia and opening your heart so that a 2-way flow is activated and you receive energy and healing from Gaia.
3.       Experiencing both of these flows within your bodies – in tantric terms, the electrical flow of Shiva or God energy from above, and the magnetic of Goddess energy from Gaia below into your beings – and sitting in peace, in what we shall call the peace mudra, allowing the golden flow from above and the silver flow from below to pour through your bodies. Opening your hearts and love and gratitude to all-that-is-above and all-that-is-below – this is a form of true vertical connection, and it is more effective in a place you love – it is more effective in a place you love, sitting outside somewhere beautiful, but you may practise it even on the train, even in the subway or tube, even in your car.
Receiving energy from above and below, and opening your hearts in bliss, is how you recharge yourselves dear ones. It can be done in a meditation like this, or it can be done in one or two minutes, simply taking time between clients to sit down, to place your feet on the floor, to call Light to yourself, to ground yourself, and feel the 2-way Shiva-Shakti energy entering into your body and aura, sitting for a minute or 2 in the peace mudra and experiencing the 2-way flow through your body – this is how you recharge yourself. When you choose to give of your energy, either through healing, or simply through open-heart and kindness, as you choose to give energy to others; to give love; to give energy in the form of money; to give through sheer openness of heart and spirit, so energy flows through you continuously, rather than leaving your physical and energy body and draining you.
Do not give words of assistance to another if you are doing this without open heart; if you are doing this through obligation or duty. Do not channel energy for healing when you are not in a state of open-heartedness and generosity, for if you do, it will drain you. If you are anxious or insecure, it will drain you. If you choose to give of yourself, even giving of your smile, with any sense of grudge, duty or obligation, your energy will be drained. If you are in a state of such open heart that energy flows through you continuously to others in the form of healing, of giving away money or material goods, of giving of your kindness, your sweetness, your smile, this is simply an outpouring of the energy which continuously through you from above and below – and what happens as you allow this to be accepted by others, is that it encourages even more energy to flow into your body so that you become brighter, healthier, happier, more peaceful – and this is the way of giving of open heart. Namaste.



Councils of Light & the Angels

Forgive us dear peoples of Earth if we are repetitive; if we are simplistic in our teachings – but from our perspective you have not learnt your energy A-B-C’s. Many of you do extremely advanced energy work with clients, and also on a personal level, without truly understanding or more importantly experiencing your own energy, and being able to replenish and cleanse it sufficiently when needed.
As an indication of the truth of this, we will ask you ‘Are you perfectly healthy in every way? Is there no complaint whatsoever in your physical vehicle?’ Only some of the very youngest of you would answer in the affirmative, and we can promise you that once you are in charge of your energy and replenishing it correctly – once you are, you will be in a state of perfect health.
So let us review – let us ask you now if you understand the difference between recharging and clearing your energy, for instance. What does it mean to recharge your energy? The term ‘charge’ relates usually to electricity; to power in your society – and in this case this is accurate also. When you recharge your energy you are literally plugging yourselves into a source of power in order to power yourselves up – and in lesson 2 you learnt how to do this from 2 directions. We will practise this once more now.
We ask you to say out loud ‘I concentrate my energy body now!’ As you concentrate your energy body you feel the border; the boundary of your egg-shaped aura, and you experience the Light within it- that which we describe as Golden-white liquid light – you experience this becoming stronger and brighter. We like to describe this as golden-white liquid light for the term ‘liquid’ gives a clearer indication of the organic ability or property of your aura as being mobile, as being fluid, as fluctuating as different energies and emotions run through your body-field. Having charged your energy in this way, by simply concentrating it, you will recharge it now from above and below.
And we ask you now to use this mudra, or a version of this mudra, in which your hands are pointing both up and down. Your fingers may be used as antennae in this respect. The fingers that point upwards receive energy from Source – that which we term Shiva, electrical or sun energy – and the fingers pointing downwards receive energy from Gaia, that which we call Goddess, magnetic lunar energy. In order to recharge yourself even more effectively from above and below, we will ask you to activate your prana tubes now. Relax your hands as we explain.
There was a time, was there not, where the concept of chakras was unfamiliar to you – when the beautiful swirling vortices of energy within your physical body were a mystery. You wondered if they were real or not! And most of you now accept this as a reality – these energy vortices which interface with your electrical body and with your nervous system therefore. And so we present the prana tube, which is as real a phenomenon in your energy body as the chakras. It is a breathing tube of sorts – a breathing tube of energy which runs through all 12 chakras. From the chakra at the very top of your aura, the Cosmic Star Portal, straight through your body, and through the Earth Star Portal at the bottom of your aura. We shall speak in further lessons of the chakras, but for now we wish you to simply experience the chakras at the top and bottom of your aura.
Say out loud ‘I open my Cosmic Star Portal now!’ And look now to the top of your egg-shaped aura, and see this portal opening like a flower and a more intense Light being able to flow down through the central energy column of your body and out through the bottom of your aura.
Say out loud ‘I open my Earth Star Portal now!’ And watch this magical portal opening at the bottom of your aura – that which allows your grounding to be so much more effective, and that which allows you to receive healing so much more effectively.
Visualise now a beautiful crystalline prana tube running straight through the top of your aura in through your crown, through all internal chakras out through your root and down through the earth Star Portal. This pranic breathing tube has been forgotten in the age of Pisces, and it is activated now in the age of Aquarius, specifically in order to allow you to activate your pineal gland. As you breathe energy in from above, so it activates your pineal gland. As you ground yourselves from your bellies down into the core crystal of Gaia, so you are able to do this in a more powerful way with your prana tube activated.
Say out loud ‘I activate my prana tube now!’ and use this (prana tube) mudra now. It matters not which way your hands face, they must face as feels natural to you. You will automatically face one hand in and one hand out according to the energetic connection you need in this moment. Slow your breath down now, and as you breathe, be aware of the energy pouring in from above and from below through your prana tube simultaneously. It is not necessary to coordinate your breath with this flow, for the flow into your heart centre and through your body is simultaneous from above and below. You will feel a sparkling golden electrical Light moving through your body from above, and a deep drawing magnetic energy moving through your body from below.
And if you feel that this prana tube is active now, you may choose to use one of two mudras. You may choose to use the mudra of the One-Heart in front of your heart centre, creating a heart with wings, and this helping the focus of the energy from above and below into your hearts. Or you may choose to use the mudra of peace, one hand on top of the left, simply experiencing the energy flow. Experiment with these 2 and see which is more pleasurable; which is more effective. Is it not wonderful to experience the difference energetically in what you are doing with your hands in one position or another?
From Solara An-Ra’s perspective, as she uses the mudra of peace, she feels a settling down within herself while simultaneously experiencing the flow - not through the prana tube only, but through her whole body. The Shakti energy bringing power and force up from Gaia through every cell of her body, and the Shiva energy bringing Light and enlightenment into every cell from above. As she uses the One-Heart Mudra, she experiences activation within her chest immediately, within Anahata the personal heart centre and the Higher or Sacred heart – and she experiences these fusing. You may use this mudra in order to fuse Anahata with your Higher Heart.
In truth, although it is the time of the One-Heart, you are still, most of you, operating from a place of Anahata. You are still operating from a place of giving and receiving love from your personal heart centre. You are also experiencing moments in which the One-Heart is activated and you experience yourselves as one-with-all. In these moments you are in a state of One-Heart, and this is a state in which your heart resonates with all others who at that moment are experiencing the activation of the One-Heart. Is it not true that you sometimes simply look into the eyes of another, even of a stranger, and truly experience one-ness within your being? So this is the most effective way of recharging yourself.
We advise that you recharge your energy as you see fit, for you are individual. There may be times when recharging yourself happens primarily through grounding yourself. You may first call the column of Light to yourself so that you are in a safe, high and protected space. You may call your energy back if you feel there has been any interference with it, reclaiming your energy into your field. And you may then ask for guidance about what the most effective way of recharging in that moment is – and perhaps the guidance will come from the mudra which your body chooses.
Your body may choose the mudra of the prana tube, activating your prana tube. Your body may choose the mudra of your One-Heart, bringing yourself back into a state of One-Heart. Your body may choose the mudra of grounding, the diamond at your belly – and most of you will find that you need you ground yourself before doing any other practise. But staying with this mudra; staying with the awareness of a 2-way energy flow between yourself and Gaia – this is more than grounding only. This is more powerful – opening your heart in love and gratitude to Gaia, and streaming this down through your whole body from your heart through your belly; through your grounding cord and into Gaia, and then feeling Her love and energy moving up, not only through your grounding cord but through your prana tube; through the soles of your feet and into every cell of your body. You may also be called to lie with your belly on the body of Gaia in order for this healing to continue.
We will speak now on one more aspect of the aura, and this is the aspect of clearing the aura. For it is one thing to call your energy back towards yourself; it is one thing to reclaim your energy, to concentrate your energy so that it is more powerful and to recharge your energy from above or below or both directions – but there are some instances in which you feel that your aura and not only your physical body needs healing. And there is one group of Light beings who are more effective in this than any other, and these are the angels. The angels wish to speak with you now regarding this.
ANGELS: The term angel is used widely upon your dear planet. But we are not all golden-winged, there are many divisions of angels whose purpose is to serve you. Our vibration is golden, and thus has it been given. (Pleiadians: They speak of the golden rain shower which you may call.) Say out loud now ‘I call a golden rain shower to cleanse and heal my aura now!’
We shower you with golden Light frequency. There is no energy more effective for clearing what we see as smoke in your energy bodies. Let us explain that although the clearing of your energy bodies will obviously heal your physical bodies also, the purpose is primarily within your energy field. We see your energy fields in terms of light and dark, and there are sometimes dark energies that we perceive within your energy. These are sometimes called entities, and sometimes they are simply through etheric pollution - thought pollution, pollution that comes from the thoughts of fear and guilt, anger and greed that have been on your planet. And if you are sensitive and not in control sufficiently of your energy bodies then this smoke may enter your aura and affect you negatively.
Some of you feel sad sometimes with no reason, and this is this form of etheric pollution that comes into your energy bodies. So be aware that this step which has been given through the Councils of Light, of calling a golden rain shower – this comes from the angels - from a particular tribe of angels who work with your energy bodies. And so those of you who are called to, we will be delighted to assist you in clearing your energy body in this way. We know that there are those of you who consider entities or other spirit forms who have been sucked into your energy as an extremely grave and dire situation that needs some form of exorcism. But we say that we can in most cases effectively clear this.
And in closing now, spin a golden thread of Light from the top of your aura, moving sun-wise (which is clock-wise) around and around your auric field, front and back of your body, spinning it down to below your feet so that there is now a crust of golden Light, a cocoon edge around your aura, which serves to protect and continue to heal you until you call for our assistance again. Namaste.


Councils of Light & Babaji

Before we begin to bring you into awareness of your breath, and conscious use of your breath for your enlightenment, say out loud ‘I call Light to myself now!’
You instantaneously find yourselves in a great brilliant white column of Light, Source energy streaming through your body and aura, illuminating Gaia below you and bringing you instantly into vertical connection. As this occurs scan your energy field, your egg-shape of flowing Light that emits from the central column. You may choose at this time how far out you wish to expand your aura – and you will do this, the 2 steps we have taught, at the same time now.
Say out loud ‘I concentrate and expand my energy body now!’ Allow your aura to move to the exact distance which feels comfortable to you now – this must be at least 3 feet in all directions, front, back, left right above and below. For those of you who are in a safe place of high vibration, you may expand your energy body as far as you wish, with the caveat that you must still feel the edge of your aura – that you are aware of the edge of your aura like a golden crust, like a cocoon surrounding your energy, even if this is a mile or more in circumference around you. It is far more attractive to expand your energy in this way if you are in a place of power and beauty, whether this is n a sacred valley such as this or in your own home garden.
Aware now of your energy field, of its completeness and its luminosity, bring your awareness inside into your prana tube now, saying ‘I activate my prana tube now!’ This time you will truly feel the crystalline nature of your prana tube. You will feel the iridescent crystalline nature of this tube, at least 2 inches in diameter, which extends straight from your heart up through your chakras and through the top of your aura and down, through your body chakras and through your Earth star portal. As you extend your prana tube in this way, you have automatically opened the Cosmic Star Portal, the chakra at the top of your aura and the Earth Star Portal at the bottom of your aura.
You extend your prana tube consciously up through the dimensions and into the heart of the great central sun, and down, through the second dimension into the first, which is the core crystal of Gaia. As your prana tube is activated, you experience this 2-way energy flowing through your body – the sparkling electrical Light of Shiva; of the God force energy raining down, not only through your prana tube but your whole energy field – and the magnetic deep powerful Shakti Goddess energy from Gaia, flowing in a steady stream, magnetising, strengthening, healing and empowering your physical body.
Once again we will sit for a few moments in the Peace Mudra, right hand above the left, in your laps, simply experiencing Shakti & Shiva energy moving through your body. As you do this now, as you continue to feel the flow of prana from above and below, slow down your breathing now, using the Ujai breath of the yogis, slightly compressing the back of the throat passage so that a beautiful sigh is emitted from your throat.
Continue to breathe in this sighing way from your throat and not your nostrils – and you will hear the sound of the waves in the ocean – the wonderful rhythmic rise and fall of the waves in the ocean. You will hear the sighing of the wind in the treetops, this wonderful sound; the sound of your breath takes you into the vibration of peace. Master this Ujai breath now, which assists you in so many ways. It allows you to slow down your breath, correcting your shallow breathing; it allows you to oxygenate your lungs fully. 3 more breaths now, passing for some moments at the top of the in-breath.
Rest now for a few moments as we explain the complete breath. The Ujai breath is necessary for the complete yogic breath, and in this practise you breathe into your belly first and allow the air like a wave to rise up through your chest and into the base of your throat. Although these are 3 stages technically speaking, there is no pause between them, but a wonderful sense of a wave of prana and oxygen raising through your bodies. There is some effort in this third stage – you will feel or see some form of tension in the throat, and we demonstrate now. Watch how the wave of air expands your belly first and then the lungs, front & back, left & right, finally raising up into the neck, concentrating just above the collar bones at the top apices of the lungs. We demonstrate.
Try this now dear ones, into your bellies first, expanding the ribcage now, completely filling the lungs, and up into your throat forcing the air right up above the collar bone, holding for a few seconds, ... and releasing, pulling in your belly at the end of the out-breath. Once again, into your central lung area and up into the top apices at the base of the throat – hold it there – and releasing. And one more.
Relax your breath now. Relax your breath, eyes closed, and experience the lightness of being within your physical body. Every cell in your physical body filled with prana, with life-force. And as you practise the meditation of SO-HUM, the mantra of the breath, now – the prana which fills your every cell will allow you to move into breathlessness from time to time.
Slow your breathing down now, in the most peaceful way possible. There is now no movement within your body - perfect stillness. And you may choose a mudra of your liking. Allow your hands to move into whatever mudra you choose now. Your body and mind have moved into perfect stillness. Your breath is slow, soft, so subtle that it becomes difficult to experience which is the in and which is the out-breath.
You experience prana, golden liquid light moving through every cell of your body – as you breathe in and out. And you begin now to hear the SO-HUM of the breath. With the in-breath you hear internally ‘SO’, and with the out-breath you hear internally ‘HUM’. And the SO-HUM moves in perfect rhythm with your in- and out-breath. ‘SO’ with every in-breath, watching the flow of prana through your body. ‘HUM’ with every out-breath, watching the flow of prana through every cell. ‘SOOOOO-HUUUUUUM’.
The sacred sound of your breath moves you into such a deep stillness that sometimes you notice that you are in a state of no-breath. Somewhere along the journey of the in- and out-breath, you have paused, stepping outside of the third dimension - stepping into the fourth, fifth or sixth dimension, according to your energy and the moment. Stepping outside of the confines of time and space ... listening to the SO-HUM, the mantra of your sacred breath ... moving into a state of perfect bliss, through the SO-HUM of your sacred breath. 
As your breath pauses from time to time, do not allow your mind to jump in causing panic or fear about the state of no-breath, for your body is perfectly able to live on the prana, on the golden-white liquid Light which is the energy of all things. And in this way you experience how your breath is the key. Conscious awareness and control of your breath can move you, as it does now, into higher states of being – indeed into higher dimensions. Awareness of your breath is equal to awareness of the sacred nature of all things - all things, God-given, in your dimension and others.
Through awareness of your breath as holding the energy of all-that-is, you come into awareness of the energy in all other things - awareness of Source energy in every being, human, plant, animal and mineral and Light beings. As you come into this state of awareness, when you choose to open your eyes once more you can experience energy radiating from every other living thing.
Babaji will speak now.
‘You are blessed to me, children of Earth. I have watched you transcending earthly limitations. Such was my path, to show the way in transcending earthly limitations while on this planet. Such was the way for the Buddha and the one known as Jeshua. These ones are known intimately by me - but I come to say that you who walk the planet now are not less dear to me; are not less courageous in my eyes.
‘It is said that Babaji comes to each one who calls, and this is true. I am a guide for those of you in particular who choose to transcend their physicality through the use of Kriya and pranayama - and it comes now in simplified form through channels such as this dear one.
‘Once again, you are not less dear to me than the channel through whom I translate this message now. You must know this. You are loved, you are supported, and all those who come to assist you now love you dearly, as brothers and sisters within a universe of love and Light. Namaste.’


Councils of Light
We will test your efficiency now in using the techniques that we have already outlined, with great efficiency and speed. Say out loud ‘I call Light to myself now!’ And a beautiful stream of brilliant white Light illuminates you now, immediately resulting in a vertical connection, above and below – and within this column of Light you observe your Cosmic & Earth Star Portals opening spontaneously.
Beginning from your heart centre you will now activate your prana tube, saying ‘I activate my prana tube now!’
Say ‘I concentrate and expand my energy body now!’ Allow your aura to stretch to an exact circumference that feels comfortable to you now, noticing the edge, the golden crust of the organic cocoon which is your aura.
SayLet all energy I have given away or left behind return to me now!’ Your energy streams into your aura charging it further, and you experience yourself now in the inner world; in the world of your Light and energy and Higher Self Consciousness. Is this not remarkable, to be able to bring yourself into your inner world so efficiently? Is it not remarkable that simply through closing your eyes you bring yourself inwards into your energy body!
And this step which follows; to bring yourself into awareness of your breath – this is the final key. Use the UJAI breath now – the wonderful sighing sound of your breath ...
In a more subtle way than we have previously taught, you will use the Ujai and the complete breath as we do Nadi Shodhana – Alternate Nostril Breathing. You will have the sense once again of your breath expanding your belly first, and then your ribcage, and moving right up into the base of your throat with your in-breath.
But now, as we breathe through one nostril at a time, your focus will be on the rising energy through Sushumna into Ajna with every in-breath. As you breathe in through your left nostril this energy, serpent-like, rises through Sushumna, crossing over between the brows to activate the right brain hemisphere. As you breathe in through the right nostril this serpent-like energy rises through Sushumna, crossing over between the brows and activating the left hemisphere. This is the way in which your pineal gland is activated. This is the way in which your brain is trained to work harmoniously, left and right hemispheres combined.
Practise this technique with a sense of ease and joy – no frowns between your brows – no sense of concentrating so hard that you miss the joy and delight of the Light which arises from Muladhara at the base of your system, illuminating the pineal – awakening your third eye – and bringing you into a place of perfect completeness and wholeness as a human being in Light form.
With your left hand now use the chin mudra, causing this energy circuit to be contained within your Light body. With your right hand tuck your first 2 fingers in so that you are using the thumb to close the right nostril and your ring finger to close the left.
We begin first with one complete breath. Breathing in. As you hold your breath perceive the Light and prana within your brain. And release. Breathing in through both nostrils - as you hold, close your right nostril with your right thumb – and release.
(Round 1) In left, (wonderful Light rising up into your brain, holding the Light there); out right. In right ... and out left.
(Round 2) (Allow the energy to rise with your in-breath) In left ... and out right. In right (feel the Light in your brain illuminating your third eye) ... out left (and in the gentle pause at the end of the out-breath, there is this timelessness) ... and we continue.
(Round 3) In left ... (hold the Light in the pineal, feel the activation within your brain) ... out right. In right ... out left.
(Round 4) One more round. (In left ... out right. In right .... out left) And relax your right arm
Ajna, Ajna, Ajna. Bring your awareness into Ajna, into the third eye now. Your entire brain feels illuminated now, and you feel this wonderful double aspect - of your physical body, deeply relaxed and heavy – and a sense of lightness; illumination within the cave of Brahma - that space within your brain that holds the pineal gland, floating as it is in the crystalline chamber. A sense of Lightness within your third eye and brain, as you have consciously drawn this light up with every in-breath.
Nadhi Shodhana is one of the most powerful yogic techniques that human beings can now practise on the Earth plane. It is not only for the clearing of the nadhis or channels within your physical body – it is a technique which is designed to truly awaken the third eye; to truly awaken Ajna and bring this unification of left and right brain, which brings enlightenment.
This technique will bring you spiritual energy, as you bring the energy of Gaia and Kundalini up through you physical vehicle with every in-breath. It brings awakening of the third eye in such a way that your ability to see through the veils; through the physical density of your third dimensional world, is experienced.
It brings clarity of mind – all of you who sit at your computers for many hours at a time – those of you who compute internally from your physical brain for so many hours – Nadi Shodhana brings a clarity of mind back into your body – it brings a stillness of being and deep relaxation into your physical body. It assists in the early morning in bringing peace and clarity into your day. It assists in the evening before sleep, to relax your nervous system and clear your mind. Is this not therefore multi-tasking? Is this not therefore a panacea for so many of your ills and discomforts?
We recommend 5 or 7, or maybe only 3 rounds of Nadi Shodanha, whenever you choose to revitalise yourself and bring yourself back into balance. We recommend NS before channelling; connecting with your spirit guides; before healing; before meditation. After the practise of NS you are in a more empowered space of clarity.
For so many of you, clarity is lacking. And for so many of you who have tried ‘still meditation’ of sorts and have not managed to achieve this stillness. You will find that a few rounds of NS will lead you into a place of stillness naturally. And we will complete with 3 more rounds.
We wish you to notice these things: -
  1. We wish you to notice & encourage the Light which streams up through the central channel into the cave of Brahma in the centre of your brain.
  2. We wish you to notice the deep stillness which arises in your mind and your physical body also.
  3. We wish you to notice how the physical exertion through the Complete Breath, bringing this wave of energy up into the base of your throat with every breath, brings a sense of ‘being at the top of the mountain’ as you hold your breath.
  4. And that the opposite is experienced at the end of the out-breath. At the end of the out-breath, in total relaxation, there is the pause which is the stillness of no-time, no-space.
Allow your breathing to move into its own rhythm, so that you are complete with your in-breath before holding it – and you are complete with your out-breath. So that this natural pause – blissful timelessness, is experienced.
And we begin ... (3 more full rounds)
Relax your right arm, bring your awareness into Ajna. Draw your physical eye balls inwards, up and back, into the centre of your brain, and you find yourselves in the Cave of Brahma, the internal cave of the yogis. Notice now if there is Light or darkness; if there is colour or vibration; if there is an image or a message which comes from your Higher Self now.
You may ask, What is it that I need to know now?’ and you must trust the answer the answer that comes, dear ones! You must trust the first answer that comes, and not doubt it. For sometimes this answer is one that you know already, and it is repeated. Feel the lightness of energy in your brain, in your mind. Feel the deep relaxation within your physical body and your thoughts.
Is this not a wonderful gift from Babaji himself, and the yogic masters who have walked the way of the way of absolute devotion, that they may bring through the means for your transformation at this crucial time? Namaste.


Councils of Light

'We will test you once again, dear earth beings, to see how proficient you are at grounding, centering and collecting your energy towards your Self.

 Say out loud ‘I call Light to myself now!’ As this bright, white Light of Spirit pours through your body and energy, watch the portals at the top and bottom of your aura open. Cosmic Star and Earth Star Portals, magically opening, allowing the Divine stream of Source to flow through your prana tube.

 Say out loud ‘I activate my aura now!’ Switch yourselves on in this way like a light bulb. Switch your energy body on so that you are aware of your aura front and back, left and right, above and below. From your bellies now with heart energy I ground myself in to the heart of Gaia now!’

 And from your bellies you send these cords of Light in to the great mother crystal, heart of Gaia, Pachamama in these lands, into her very heart from your heart centre pouring your love down in to her - feeling the love of Mother pouring back in to your physical and energy body.

 Checking now that all of your energy is with you ‘Let all energy I have given away or left behind return to me now!’  Experience this. Do not think it but experience this return of your energy through many strands completing your shining auric shield now.

 We have taught you how to move in to the breathless state through moving in to the sacred sound of the so-hum, the mantra of peace, which is the mantra of the breath. Now we explain how we may assist in expanding your physical body in such a way that you are able to hold more prana.

 Using the complete breath now, bring yourself in to the 2nd stage. Breathe in to your belly, expanding your belly and as this continues allow the completion of the 2nd stage only so that your rib cage is expanded front and back, left and right and pause here for some seconds. (Note from Solara: This doesn’t mean that you don’t breath in completely – simply that the physical expansion is concentrated in the ribcage, rather than continuing up into the base of the throat.)

As you release your breath now keep this expansion in your rib cage. Allow your breath to move out. Feel your belly contracting somewhat keeping the rib cage expanded. Try this once more breathing in…and out… keeping that expansion there. And relax your bodies once more.

Babaji will speak now regarding this phenomenon - the phenomenon of allowing your physical body to be adjusted in such a way that you are able to hold enough prana without breathing.

“There are depictions that you have seen dear earth beings of the yogis in their caves - indeed depictions of myself as such a yogi, with expanded rib cage and contracted abdomen. This has been interpreted through the schools of yoga as something which you must force - something which you must practice and master on a physical level.

 But just as my guru and the God/Goddess source itself assisted me, I am here to assist you now as you open your heart energy to my divine presence. As you open your heart energy, indeed, in to the divine presence of All That Is. You may ask for my assistance now in moving the breath in and out of your physical bodies in such a way that the maximum Light or prana quotient is held. As I have assisted Solara An-Ra, you will observe that there is often an expansion in her rib cage with an expulsion which is forceful of her breath. And I demonstrate now.

 She is not able to do this without assistance. I have assisted her from the time of her first placement in the temples of Egypt. These practices were used in Egypt, in Atlantis and Lemuria also, and they are now yours to access and I am here to assist you. Ask from your heart for assistance now.

 Use the Ujai breath and breathe in, in such a way that your rib cage is expanded. Ask for assistance as your breath is expelled. Within this expulsion there is no longer a need to breathe. You feel a ripple of energy and a physical readjustment within your body that takes you in to a deep stillness in which your rib cage remains locked.

 For some of you this is not possible instantaneously and so, you simply practice. Using the Ujai breath to strengthen and control the in and out flow, opening your heart to the assistance of Babaji and asking for your body and breath to be manipulated in such a way as to assist you in to the breathless state of the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. Practice this now, dear ones …

 There is no need to follow instructions directly as they have been given but simply to experiment with the Ujai breath, with a deeper breath which allows a great expansion within your lung area and rib cage…and a freedom, a sense of freedom and trust that you are assisted as you call.

 Within this assistance there may be a redirection of your pranic flow through a manipulation of your spine. You may feel your spine being readjusted in some way or other. It is necessary for your body to be free in order to experience this. You must not lean on your chairs or walls. I encourage you to practice any version of a cross legged seating position so that Muladhara, your base chakra, is more directly in connection with Gaia, your Earth Mother.

 Learning to have freedom within your spines, opening those creaky joints of yours…your hips and knees and ankles…trusting that you will be given assistance with this, with your posture, with your seating pose, with your breath and with your ability to experience prana within your bodies and to experience the prana of All That Is.”

Councils of Light:

'As you breathe through your prana tubes now, breathe energy from above and below in to your hearts. Smile as you do this and move in to a place of Love and Gratitude. Breathe in to your hearts through your prana tubes and with a smile on your face move yourself in to a state of Love and Gratitude.

Love and Gratitude are the two elements which are most powerful in bringing you in to an energetic state in which you attract towards yourself all that is of the highest Light, all that is for your highest good, for your joy and happiness and abundance on the Earth plane. We like to use the H2O ratio of water. We like to use one Love and two Gratitudes.  Love and thank you, thank you.

Open your hearts and mentally say Love and thank you, thank you” for all the gifts that are yours on this beautiful planet. Love and thank you, thank you for the glorious sky and clouds...for your beautiful moon...and your great powerful Sun Star...for the radiant stars in the inky blue night sky...for the beauty and the Love of the plants and animals of Gaia. Breathe in to your hearts through your prana tubes...smiling...and say Love and thank you, thank you for all the gifts which are yours...for the friends and family and loved ones who support you…for the power and magical beauty of your physical being… for the Joy of your senses… the delights that you receive through your senses…the smell of the ocean, of the dew on the grass in the mornings, of the opening buds of roses in your gardens…the absolute delight of the tastes of the fruits, vegetables and grains…of the water which is gifted to you in this physical realm…

Love and thank you thank you for the gift of being a human being at this time of transformation. You are choosing to focus on that which is glorious, beautiful, divine. Rather than focusing outside of your world on the higher dimensions, you are opening your hearts in Love and Gratitude to All That Is in your physical world.

For, is it not, that you desire that the things which you wish for are manifested in this physical world now?

 Breathing through your prana tubes in to your heart centres, allowing a smile of perfect bliss to erupt within your facial features, opening your heart in Love and Thanks to all that is yours already. This brings your vibration in to a magnetic state of attractiveness, attracting more beauty, more abundance, more Love and support, more balance, peace and harmony within your Being and your Life. And as this manifests within your Life, so you assist in bringing more of this Joy, Abundance, and Beauty in to the lives of all those around you seeding the Age of Light on to your planet.

 And this is fun, is it not? This is not as difficult as your other methods of manifestation.

 We have enjoyed teaching you from this place of great Goddess power. Those of you who have not visited the great lake, you may absorb her Love and Power simply through watching her now…simply though images of her. For, do you not believe that you can move energy from one place to another such as in distance healing? This is no different for all live beings on Gaia are connected through the great grandmother spider web of Light. And from your heart you can send and receive energy from all other sacred places on Gaia.

With great Love for you dear human ones from the Star Councils of Light, Namaste.’



Councils of Light

‘You get the idea by now - that your wish is your command - and therefore as you do these invocations, much faster and more efficiently than originally given in the essential practices meditations, you must know that what you invoke is realized. You must know that you are the one in charge of your energy and physical body. And you must seek to feel - to experience - the effect of each of these energy practices NOW.

Our saying this makes some of you furrow your brows in concentration, saying ‘Ah, I must get this quickly now!’- instead of which, you must relax – relax and enjoy this practice, feeling how powerful you are, that you are able to expand and contract your energy…that you may recall your energy at will! And thus, we begin.

 ‘I call Light to myself now!’ Watch not only for the stream of Light energy from above, but watch this illumination below you in to Gaia, connecting you vertically above and below.

 ‘I open my cosmic and earth star portals now!’

 ‘I activate my prana tube now!’ These (last 2 commands) are two different versions of opening your Cosmic and Earth Star Portals and activating your prana tubes. Both of these allow a more concentrated stream of energy from Source to flow through your 12 chakras. Indeed, the opening of the Cosmic and Earth Star Portal at the top and bottom of your aura assist in sending or activating your prana tube up and down.

Your prana tube would otherwise naturally rest just above your head and below your feet, but when you activate your etheric breathing tube now, you wish to extend it in to the Great Central Sun and down in to the crystal core of Gaia, so that you may be as connected as it is possible to be.

Be aware of your aura – front/back, left/right, above and below. ‘I activate my energy body now!’ Feel the outer crust of golden Light around the egg shape of your aura as you do this. Perfectly protected, perfectly defined, so that you are aware of how large your aura is in this moment.

And watch it grow brighter now as you say ‘Let all energy I have given away or left behind return to me now!’

 If you are in a safe space now, if you are in a place of high and clear energy whether this be out in nature or in your own bedroom, you may now choose to command ‘I expand my energy body now!’ Expanding your energy body not only allows the elements of Gaia to enter into your auric field, bringing connection and healing - it also brings a sense of peace in to yourself. It brings a sense of expansion and, to a certain extent, diffusion. As you expand your Golden White Light energy field out in all directions, still be aware of your boundaries, still be aware of the shield which is the outside of your auric field.

We will practice Nadi Shodhana now, in the simple version, before we begin to expand on the technique. Prepare your right hand now tucking your first two fingers in, left hand in chin mudra, the place of home - the connection from which you leave and to which you return at the beginning and end of each round.

 Breathe in. Close the right nostril, breathe out. In left … hold the Light, the prana that you have lifted through your central channel in your brain … out right. (In right) … feel the Light in the pineal gland in the Cave of Brahma, like a jewel in the centre of your brain radiating Light in to your brain cells … out – left.

Two more rounds, with the singing now: - In left ‘Aum Namaha Shiva’ (hold in silence). Out right ‘Aum Namaha Shiva.’ In right ‘Aum Namaha Shiva.’ Out  left ‘Shiva Aum Namaha.’ … and relax your arms.

You have begun to notice in your practice of Nadi Shodhana that there is a natural movement through your body with the in breath, that there is a lifting of your spine, an expansion of your rib cage. And if you allow this flow to be experienced in your physical body, you will find your head raising as the breath moves in to the third eye.

 Let us practice one round this way. Close your right nostril. Breathe out and begin. (In left) lifting your head at the top of the breath, tucking it in again. Out right, relaxing.(In right) - as you breathe in and pull the energy up, feel the ripple through your spine, lifting your heads, tucking it in … out left.

And practice one more round with the lifting of the head. (In left) ‘Aum Namaha Shiva’ - allow your bodies to move dear ones, allow them to be adjusted. Feel them relax with the out breath (Out right) ‘Aum Namaha Shiva.’ In right ‘Aum Namaha Shiva.’ Out left ‘Shiva Aum Namaha.’ And relax.

We begin in this way to teach you about the energy Bandhas or locks, three of them in total, which assist you in pulling this energy force up more effectively. The first lock, Mula Bandha, is at the perineum, at the muscle which is at the very base which you sit on. As you breathe in, slightly pull in and up on this muscle, a pleasurable feeling of pushing the energy like a pump up through your system. Holding this lock, holding this pump-like lock while you hold your breath, and releasing as you breathe out. We will call this the ‘Root Lock.

Close your right nostril breathing out. In left, root Lock on. Keep it on. Keep it on. Keep it on. And as you hold your breath and the Light in Ajna, feel this pleasurable pulling up your base. Let go, out right. In right - root Lock, root Lock, root lock, root lock - keep it on as you hold your breath … out left.

 One more round now with Root Lock and the raising of the head. In left‘Aum Namaha Shiva’ - tucking your chin in, holding the Root Lock in the silence. Out right ‘Aum Namaha Shiva’… In right ‘Aum Namaha Shiva.’ - raising your head at the top of the in-breath, tucking it in, keeping your Root Lock on… out left ‘Shiva Aum Namaha.’ - and relaxing.

 You must know dear ones that using these locks as we begin to teach you slowly now is of HUGE benefit to your physical and energy being. It need not be a chore or complication within your practice of Nadi Shodhana.

We ask you to practice these two new steps in the interim before the next lesson.

  1. With every in-breath with your Nadi Shodhana use the Root Lock, a very slight pulling up at the perineum that does not cause discomfort in your abdomen but is a pleasurable sensation. This Mula Bandha assists you in pushing the energy up your spine and it avoids any loss of energy through the start of your energetic system.
  2. The raising of your head and then tucking your chin in is the beginning of the third lock, the chin lock. For the moment, simply feel how much it assists the raising of energy through your throat chakra in to your third eye as you raise your head slightly at the top of your in-breath.

 We will do three complete breaths now through both nostrils at the end of which your breath will become so slow, calm and peaceful that you will spontaneously slip in to the breathless state.

 Breathing in - in a wave now. Breathing in to your belly - in to your rib cage and lungs - in to the base of your throat and holding it there - and release. Smile as you breathe in. Use your Ujai breath to assist you… and release. Last one… release.

And relax now - relax your breathing - relax your bodies. Stay with your breath now. But more than the mechanics of breathing in and out, or a sense of the physical breath, you have an immersion of your senses in to the Golden White Light of prana. You watch the prana move up and down, through the cells of your body with fascination, with gratitude, with awe, immersed in to this world of Golden Liquid Light within your body. And as you watch your breath, the energy within your breath trickling through your cells, you find your breath sometimes pausing. You find yourselves in a state of stillness stepping outside of the boundaries of time and space in to the higher dimensions, allowing your body to rock or move, allowing your physical posture to be adjusted.

 Some of you experiencing now how the expansion of your rib cage assists in holding sufficient prana in your lungs so that you need not breathe for some seconds or minutes and you are in a state of Bliss. As you start to experience these timeless moments, you will begin to spontaneously move in to the breathless state in other meditations or at other times of connection - sometimes during giving or receiving healing - sometimes when watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, you will become suspended.

 You will move spontaneously into this breathless state in which you have an inner realization that you exist on the prana of Source, that neither your physical breath apparatus, nor food or liquid, is required for your Life. You exist on prana and this realization within yourself helps you step from time to time outside of your physicality as it is needed.

 In great Love, we wish you – Namaste!’



Councils of Light
‘We transmit at this time from an island which is like a garden from head to toe and we would like each one of you who hear these words, no matter where on Gaia you sit, to imagine yourself in a garden. Close your eyes and allow yourselves through your mind picturing to be in and on the Garden of Gaia.
This is not a garden with trimmed hedges and pruned roses.
This is the garden of the body of Gaia – all trees, plants, and living beings included. Know that no matter where you sit in your meditation space - in an apartment block or on the beach or, indeed, in a garden – no matter where you sit, you can always bring yourselves in to a knowing of the beauty of Gaia and the energy of this dear planet which allows your life, your existence now.
In the garden of Gaia bring your awareness inwards, in to your breath. As you bring yourself in to awareness of your breath, everything slows down.
Your thoughts slow down until they cease completely and your awareness is on your breath and nothing but your breath.
Moving in to an awareness of your breath brings you automatically in to awareness of your energy body – of the Light and energy within your physical selves, within your aura and within your greater Light body. We wish you to be in this awareness now with none of the usual commands.
Without commanding that your energy body is activated or expanded, simply be in your energy body… simply be with the Golden White Light which is your energy field.
Stay with your breath at the same time.
Stay with this awareness of the Prana trickling through your breath bringing Life and Vitality in to every cell of your physical body and with the awareness of your energy field.
And now simply through your choosing rather than an invocation, you can expand your energy body out as far as it feels comfortable in this moment. You trust that you are in a safe and protected space. You trust that it is safe to expand your energy field.
Perhaps it is now 11 feet on all sides… perhaps 22 feet on all sides… perhaps if you are in a place of beauty and nature, you have allowed your energy field to expand infinitely in to the energy of All That Is.
Bring your awareness to Sushumna, to the central column of Light which snakes its’ way through all of your internal chakras. See this as an internal column of bright, white Light, all of the rainbow colours infused within it.
You are going to increase this energy and Light now through your Nadi Shodhana.
You have practiced as advised using the locks then you will use these locks now.
Place your left hand in Chin Mudra.
Close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe out.
And we begin. In – left. Out – right. Draw the Light up Sushumna. In – right. Out – left.
Relax your arm.
We ask Solara An-Ra to sing you in to Bliss now as you continue the alternate nostril breathing. There will be no instructions for by this time you should be aware that the point of this exercise is to raise the Light and energy with every in-breath in to Ajna, the Cave of Brahma. If you have practiced the locks, you will use the lock when breathing in and holding your breath, relaxing it with your out-breath. You will use the raising of your head just at the top of your in-breath, allowing this Light to rise up through the throat chakra more easily and tucking your chin in as you hold your breath.
And you will watch the Light, you will watch the Light, you will watch the Light.’
Solara An-Ra: ‘Now, I am going to explain to you now dear Light Tribe that because my guides want you to do the Nadi Shodhana with no instructions and simply with the singing of ‘Aum Namaha Shiva’, you need to be familiar with it and if you get confused with your in and out breath and with the fingering, just remember that you are always breathing in and out through the same nostril. You are always, after the first one that is.
You breathe in through the left and you hold. When you breathe out through the right, you are always going to breathe in through the same nostril and then hold.
You are going to swap your finger position only when you have held your breath.
So, you swap and breathe out through the left and you are always going to breathe in again, out and in through the same nostril.
And have the sense of one complete round. I will say the round so that you have a sense of breathing in - left, up the mountain, out - right, in - right and out - left and that being one complete round and you end up in the same place.
We are going to do several rounds now.
You are going to breathe in when I sing ‘Aum Namaha Shiva’ and in the silence, hold your breath.
Breathe out the other side when I sing ‘Aum Namaha Shiva’.
Breathe in when I sing again.
And you can hear that it’s the end of the round because the words change slightly at the very last bit - ‘Shiva Aum Namaha’.
So, prepare yourself now and focus on the Light, Light, Light in Sushumna, in the central column, rising up with every in-breath. The out-breath you don’t have to do anything at all but relax.

Here we go. Close your right nostril. Prepare to breathe in left.
Round one - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Shiva Aum Namaha.
Round two - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Shiva Aum Namaha.
Round three - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Shiva Aum Namaha.
Next round - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Shiva Aum Namaha.
Last round - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Shiva Aum Namaha.
Relax your right arm.
Bring your awareness in to Ajna, in to the third eye.’
Babaji speaks: ‘I watch you moving in to perfect Bliss in this way and it brings me great Joy! So simple is this technique in the way that it is passed on through Solara An-Ra, so accessible. We watch those of you with very little experience in Pranayama moving very easily in to a state of Bliss.
I will assist you now if you ask internally, if you ask Babaji now to assist you with your posture, then this will be done.
I speak on your seating position now. Those of you who are in chairs it is desirable to get closer to your Mother Earth. It is desirable to get your Root Chakras closer to the ground.
Things are not so strict these days and you do not need to sit in a perfect full lotus.
Simply sit as this child sits now, one foot in front of the other. And if you need, dear ones, then use cushions under the base of your spine, and cushions under your knees to assist you. And your creaky joints will open in time and you will benefit greatly from doing your Pranayama sitting on the floor in this way.
I will teach you some tricks now. Some tricks which assist in awakening the Snake of Enlightenment through the Kundalini.
Use the Ujai breath now. Use it as strongly as you can. And as you breathe in forcefully in this way, use Mula Bandha, the Root Lock and visualize the 7 chakras as the Light moves through them. Visualize them as flowers opening.
Let us practice this now.
Breathe in using Ujai through the nose and Light opens Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and Sahasrara.
You must look at pictures of these chakras with their rainbow colours, for  although the collected Ascended Masters have correctly said that the colours are shifting in to more translucent pearlescent forms, there is still purpose from my perspective in perceiving them as the rainbow - in perceiving Muladhara as red, Svadhisthana as orange, Manipura as yellow, Anahata as green, Vishuddha as sky blue , Ajna as indigo blue , and Sahasrara is a violet which is tinged with white.
You need not know how many petals are contained in each flower but simply to visualize the chakras as flowers in Light form, flowers which hold the colour in Light form. And these flowers open, they blossom and open their petals as you place your awareness in them.
Let us try one more breath now and instead of the Sanskrit names, I will use the colours.
Breathing in using Ujai now. Breathe the petals open on red, orange in your belly, yellow at the solar plexus, green at the heart, sky blue at the throat, indigo in Ajna and violet at the crown.
This is difficult for some of you to see them so quickly, and therefore, must you practice. You must also know that concentrating does not help, in some respects, but simply seeing them easily and joyfully like a child, using your imagination rather than expecting them to be in full digital colour photos in your mind and body. 
And so we will practice using the Ujai breath, using Mula Bandha, the Root Lock, and bringing energy through all chakras to the ground this time and not only to the third eye.
If the picturing of all the charkas is difficult at this time, then, simply see the Light moving from the red petals of Muladhara, through Sushumna, opening the petals at Sahasrara, at your crown. You will feel Sahasrara, the thousand petal lotus, opening at the end of every in-breath and, as you retain your in-breath, you will experience moments of perfect Bliss and Enlightenment.
And, so, we begin.
Breathing in. And releasing.
Allow your bodies to be assisted.
Breathing in. Allowing your spines to ripple with the in-breath.
Breathing out. Pulling energy up with the Root Lock.
Breathing in. Smiling the smile of the enlightened Buddha as you sit in your meditation posture, as you visualize the crowning jewel Sahasrara fully opened and illuminated.
And out.
Once more. Pulling up at the pelvic floor… holding with slight tension… keeping the lock on as you hold your breath… holding the energy and assisting in the rising of the Kundalini.
And as you breathe out now simply relax… relax… in to stillness and listen to the so-hum of your breath.
Let your breath be very soft and subtle now, the very opposite of the Ujai which is extremely active. Simply watch your breath. The divine flow of your breath trickling in and out through the cells of your body.
The increased levels of Prana through your exercises in your body and your lungs allow you to move in to breathlessness from time to time.
In the stillness of watching your breath, it simply pauses here and there and a stillness arises which is Samadhi, awareness of yourselves as One with all things. Awareness of yourselves as a part of Source energy. Right now you experience this. You are a blissful Shiva or Shakti sitting in your meditation space.
Make this time for practice sacred, dear ones. Clear your space with delightful oils and sacred herbs. Light your candle and sit on your meditation cushion transforming yourselves in to Gods and Goddesses, moving in to Unity consciousness at Will.  
For this is necessary to experience yourselves in this as you transform and heal your world of all of its’ ills. You must experience Bliss in order to create it on earth.
Many of you do your spiritual practice through reading and knowledge and writing and it is not experiential enough.
My Love is with you and the Love of all the great Masters who assist you at this time.
Solara An-Ra: ‘I want to say to you my dear Tribe of Gaia that I am blown away to be transmitting stuff from Babaji. Although, it is a new thing for me to know that I am doing that, many of you will recognize that it is the same energy that’s been coming through me for a long time and that I assumed that it was all from the Councils of Light, my Star-Beings friends. But, I am now aware, that Babaji has been assisting me in this particular mission to use these old Pranayama and meditation techniques - the old ways of the yogis - that he has been with me from the start of this but simply not calling himself that.
And, I feel totally blissed out to have made that connection conscious and to feel his energy with me. The picture that I am using of Babaji on the web site and in the videos is the main way that I am getting him. And you can see that picture on the web site. He has many different faces from his different bodies and that is the one that he most looks like to me as I am bringing him through now. He has a pink aura.

So, great Love and Blessings to you and I will see you for the next lesson. I hope you are enjoying them. Namaste.’

Lesson 9: Kundalini Awakening Stage 2, Nadhi Shodhana Stage 3

Councils of Light
“Close your eyes wherever you may be on your blessed earth plane. Close your eyes and move silently through the invocations, using them inwardly now, inwardly calling White Light to yourself now and watching that Light stream through your physical and energy bodies, illuminating Gaia below you so that you may see and feel Gaia’s core crystal. Inwardly now, ground yourself through your heart and belly in to the great Core Crystal and as you ground yourself in this way, an umbilical cord moving from Svadhisthana down through Muladhara magnetically attaching to the great iron crystal of Gaia. You feel your physical selves resonating, humming, pulsing with her, your physical body heavy, deeply relaxed and pleasant. Feel your self inwardly connected now with Sushumna, with the central channel that runs through all chakras.

Inwardly now, make an invocation to activate your prana tube from your heart centre, pushing your internal energy breathing tube up to connect with the heart of the great central sun, pushing your energy tube down to connect with the core crystal of Gaia.
Inwardly now, invoke and command a concentration and expansion of your energy body. Concentrate your Light so that you are switched on like a light bulb.
Expand your aura out to a distance that is comfortable to you now.

Call your energy back now, saying internally ‘let all energy that I have given away or left behind return to me now - let all energy that I have given away or left behind return to me now’.

And here you are blessed earth people switched on, expanded, completely whole within your energy field, grounded in to Gaia, connected with all that is above and all that is below. And is this not powerful? Does this not being you fully in to your power? Being able to ground, centre and connect to yourself in this way, in so few minutes. Your wish is your command. This has always been so and will always be so. Your wish is your command. You are sovereign beings. You are in charge of your own energy. Speak never again of your energy being drained by any person, place or situation. For this is a reflection of disempowerment. No person, place or situation is able to drain you of your energy unless you allow it. Know from this moment forward that you are always in charge of your own energy.

The basic energy techniques as given – calling Light to yourself, grounding yourself in to the Core Crystal, activating your Prana tube, concentrating and expanding your energy field, reclaiming your energy – these are the primary energy techniques that we have passed on to you in these energy lessons. You do not need to the energy lessons repeatedly once you have mastered these techniques. Indeed, the purpose of these lessons has been to teach you these, to allow you to experience the effect of these separate techniques so that you are able to use them as and when they are necessary.
Sometimes, it will be necessary to ground yourselves over and over again within one 24 hour period. Sometimes you are in a state of perfect groundedness and it is one or more of the other techniques which are needed. If you are feeling insecure, if you are feeling drained, if you are feeling disempowered, if you are feeling angry, if you are experiencing a power control between yourself and one other, then you need to call your energy back. ‘Let all energy that I have given away or left behind return to me now.’ And watch and feel the effect of this command, of this reclaiming of your energy. Watch and experience the effect within your physical and energy body as you call Light to yourself, as you concentrate and expand your energy body, as you activate your Prana tube. The effects must be experienced or you are missing the point. You must feel what these do within your physical and energy body or you are missing the point. Once you know how it feels to grounded, then you will know what it feels to be ungrounded. Once you know how it feels to be fully in your power, then you will know how it feels to be disempowered.

We teach now the final stage of Nadi Shodhana, the most magic of all Pranayama techniques in this age of Light. For what other technique will raise your energy and clear your mind while simultaneously relaxing, grounding and centering you. What other technique will cause the Fire of Kundalini to rise through Sushumna awakening Ajna. What other technique so successfully unites right and left brain bringing a perfect balance between Shakti and Shiva, goddess and god, your divine feminine and masculine principle.

We have taught the ‘root lock’ as you call it, this pulling up on the pelvic floor as you breathe in and holding of this as you hold the energy in Ajna. And we have taught the lifting of the head at the top of the in-breath in order to allow the energy to rise more easily through Vishuddha in to Ajna.

And we explain now, that the ‘chin lock’ is completed by the tucking in of the chin like a Balinese dancer and that this tucking in of the chin and a slight pulling back on the head, compresses the throat cavity in such a way that the energy shoots more powerfully up in to Ajna. And so at the top of the in-breath as your head is raised and as the air reaches its completion in the inhalation, you tuck your chin in naturally as you hold your breath. And this tucking in of your chin accelerates the energy flow through your throat and in to your third eye.

The final step comes naturally if you are succeeding in using the complete breath with every in-breath of Nadi Shodhana. In the complete breath we have explained, that your abdomen will fill first and as the rise of energy and air reaches your rib cage, your rib cage will expand in such a way that the solar plexus tightens somewhat.

Practice this now with a complete breath through both nostrils.
Use the Ujai breath. Breathing in your belly, in to your lungs, and finally in to your throat. And with your rib cage expanded now, feel your solar plexus now and you will notice that it is tight and not soft. And this is sufficient for the diaphragm lock. This is sufficient to activate the lock in this soft place which assists in pumping the energy up in to your third eye.
So as you breathe in with every in-breath, you will activate the lock at the root, the lock at the diaphragm, and finally the lock at the chin. And this energy practice will make your Nadi Shodhana so powerful and so enjoyable that you will not wish to do it again without these aids.

One complete breath…breathing in. And out. Prepare your right hand how with a mudra.
Breathing in. Close your right nostril. And we begin.

Aum Namaha Shiva – Out right. Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Out left.
Shiva Aum Namaha.
Round 2: Aum Namaha Shiva - Root lock on. Diaphragm. Hold your chin lock. Release all locks. Out right. Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Hold the locks. Hold the locks. Hold the locks. Out left. Shiva Aum Namaha.
Round 3: Aum Namaha Shiva –Aum Namaha Shiva – Watch Solara An-Ra’s fingers if you are lost. Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.

Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.
Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.
Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.
Last round: Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva - Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.
Hold your awareness in Ajna…in the secret, sacred cave of Brahma, mysterious space in the centre of the brain…pineal gland bathed in golden white liquid light. The pineal activated through this Kundalini energy rising through Sushumna now. Watch the Kundalini rising, stimulated by the locks or bandhas, magical physical locks or pumps which concentrate the energy rising through Sushumna.
Electro magnetic currents stimulated now in the ventricles of your brain and what you experience is White Light. White Light in the centre of your brain.
Some of you experience blue-white flashing, lightning between the lateral ventricles of your brain and this flashing is the marriage, the divine union of Shakti/Shiva within your brain. Draw your physical eyes inwards, up and back, in to the cave of Brahma…mysterious indigo blue cave, the violet flame of St. Germaine, a light within the cave.

From the Violet Flame send a cord now down through your throat chakra, through Vishuddha and in to the One Heart in your chest. The One Heart is a spinning turquoise brilliance within your chest, ignited and surrounded now by the violet flame from Ajna.

Say out loud I AM THAT I AM... I AM THAT I AM… I AM THAT I AM.’
This is your connection with Higher Self. Your ‘Am That I Am’ statement is your resonance, your acceptance, your invitation to your Higher Self to be one with you, personality and Higher Self infusing each other joyfully. You need not let go of your personality self to be enlightened dear ones. For the time of ascension is the time in which your Christed Self descends fully in to your physical and personality being so that you are able to joyfully express yourself in your full power. Joyful, powerful, helpful beings, perfect in every way, exactly as you are right now.

Say out loud ‘I am perfect exactly as I am right now.’
Each one of you is perfection, beauty, power, health, light, crystalline, angelic.

Say out loud ‘Crystalline Angelic Being of Light Am I’.

Open your eyes now dear ones. Use the one heart mudra and say our loud ‘Crystalline Angelic Being of Light Am I’.

You will say this now every day in your looking glasses. You will look in to the mirror, look in to your own eyes and acknowledge ‘Crystalline Angelic Being of Light Am I’.
And so it is that the new age of Light dawns on your planet of beauty.