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Energy-Breath Control-Meditation Lessons
The Councils of Light & Babaji through Solara An-Ra

Download these on Youtube Downloader here  (free software that allows you to save youtubes to your computer as video files)  - that way you don't have to watch these on the internet and there will be no breaks.

Welcome to my lessons dear Light Tribe! Please join my Face Book group here - a forum for you to discuss the lessons and Meditation of the week with your Light tribe ... and ask questions of me and my guides where you need assistance.
My guides asked me to put this series of energy, breath & meditation lessons up – apparently you need them to stay balanced, happy and in your power! I was asked to start recording the classes at the start of my trip in Peru in June 2011 – they are live and some of them are recorded outside, so there may be occasional noises or people in the background.
You are advised to do each lesson more than once before going onto the next one – some of you may wish to do one lesson every day for a week or more. In this way you will become masters of your own energy on every level as we progress through the various pranayama (breathing), mudra, meditation and energy techniques that the Councils of Light and Babaji bring through. I bring them to you with love, joy and in the understanding that we are all one! Namaste. 

For Written Transcripts of the lessons follow the link to the left 

Lesson 1: Energy Awareness & Control

In this lesson the Councils of Light explain how we can perceive every aspect of our physical bodies as Light, down to a cellular level. This is a teaching about Prana, the Life force energy of which all is made.
We see how our aura is generated from the central sushumna energy column which runs through our chakras, and how we can perceive our aura as a shield.
We learn how to reclaim and control our energy body, and when it is advisable to expand and contract our energy body.


Lesson 2: Energy Recharging & Avoiding Energy Drainage

In lesson 2 the Councils go into great detail about both the purpose behind, and the effect of, two of the steps in the 'Daily Practise' meditation:
1. Calling Light to yourself, &
2. Grounding yourself
They explain the principles of 'Vertical Connection' and how simply calling Light to yourself and grounding with love into the Earth Mother can be a form of tantric practise, bringing balance between the Divine masculine & feminine within, and an experience of perfect peace.
Advice is also given to those who feel they are 'bad at visualisation'.
New mudras: the diamond mudra & the peace mudra.


Lesson 3: Prana Tube Activation, Recharging Mudras, Aura Clearing

In Lesson 3 the Councils of Light explain that concentrating our auras charges them – and recharging them can be assisted by a variety of mudras, which we can let our body choose! We learn how to activate our prana tube, after opening the chakras at the top & bottom of our auras, stimulating the cosmic tantric energy flows from above and below to run through our bodies.

We learn the true purpose of grounding in the new age, & the angels come in at the end of the lesson to teach about clearing our energy with the golden rain shower of Light, concluding with spinning the cocoon around the edge of our aura.

Lesson 4: Breath Techniques - Ujai, Complete Breath, So-Hum & No-breath

In lesson 4 we practise the fundamental breath techniques which lead onto other forms of breath control, otherwise known as pranayama. In the UJAI BREATH we constrict the throat passage so as to slow down the breath with control the flow of breath and slow it down more easily. The COMPLETE BREATH involves breathing into the belly & lungs and lower throat areas in 3 stages.

Listening internally to the mantra of the breath, SO-HUM, facilitates spontaneous experience of the state of NO-BREATH which leads to the yogic state of Samadhi or bliss. Babaji comes through with a message of love and encouragement, concluding the first lesson to include pranayama.


Lesson 5: Nadi Shodanha - Third Eye & Pineal Awakening

In lesson 5, filmed in the sacred Urubamba Valley in Peru, we start with some preliminary energy techniques as taught in the first 2 lessons - to centre and place ourselves in a high vibration. The main focus of the lesson is on Nadi Shodhana, also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing.

What assists this practise is already having mastered the Ujai Breath and the Complete Breath, taught in Lesson 3. My guides teach Nadi Shodhana with a different purpose than most yoga teachers -- not for 'clearing the channels' of the body, but for awakening the third eye and pineal gland. It is the easiest and most enjoyable technique around for bringing yourself into perfect balance and peace!


Lesson 6: Babaji on the 'Breathless State' through Postural Manipulation & the Councils of Light on the Gratitude

In lesson 6 the focus is on realigning our spine and torso in order to go into the ‘breathless state’ (also called ‘Samadhi’ by the yogis) – a state of bliss and union with God-Goddess. This is only one method for going into Samadhi – we have already experimented with it in Lesson 4 with the So Hum Mantra, a much gentler way.

The purpose of the breathless state. as far as my guides are concerned. is not only to move into unity with All-That-Is – but to access higher dimensions. When we are not breathing - being fed by the accumulated PRANA in our bodies and receiving more prana directly from Source – we automatically move into our Light bodies and out of our 3-D physical bodies. This is an essential skill right now – our ascension process involves being able to move in and out of our Light bodies at will, and we need to practice it!

Please ask for assistance from the yogic masters and star beings that are guiding us with the physical readjustment – they will ‘do it to you’ in a wonderful way and it will feel effortless! The basic tools used are
1. The Ujai breath (See lesson 4)
2. The Complete Breath (See lesson 5)
3. ‘Freezing’ the torso once the ribcage is fully expanded
4. Sometimes allowing the air to be expelled forcefully so that the abdomen is tight
This will happen in different ways for different people – allow your experience to be your own. Don’t force the breathless state – you are NOT holding your breath – the cessation of breath is spontaneous.You are encouraged to do this sitting cross-legged if possible – I will put up a video explaining how you can start if you are very stiff.

Lesson 7: Nadi Shodhana Stage 2 & the Breathless State through Immersion in Prana

In Lesson 7 we learn 2 additional steps in Nadi Shodhana which accelerate the energy flow into Ajna, the third eye. The first is the Root Lock or Mula Bandha, which is a pulling up on the perineum muscle between the anus and genitals. This is a pleasurable sensation and shouldn’t cause strain in the lower abdomen. You hold the Root lock throughout the inhalation and breath retention, letting go as just before or as you breathe out. The second addition to our practice is to raise the chin slightly as the energy moves up into Ajna, and then tuck it in again as you hold your breath. This will eventually lead onto the Chin Lock. Both of these locks assist both your physical body & the energy flow. We end with 3 Complete Breaths, which lead us into the blissful Breathless State through complete immersion into the sensation of Prana in our bodies.


In Lesson 8 we practise Nadi Shodhana Stage 2 -- Using the Root Lock, Jalandhara bandha, and a mild version of the Chin Lock, Jalandhara bandha. (Stage 3, the final stage, coming soon!)
We move into a simple Kriya technique where we pull energy up Sushumna, visualising each of the internal 7 chakras as it rises. The energy arising will burn away blockages in the chakras wherever that is needed, bringing balance and peace. We use Ujai Breath and Complete Breath in this technique, already mastered in previous lessons. If you are grounded into Gaia when you do this, that will empower the energy resevoir at Muladhara, the Root Chakra.
Finally we move into So-Hum, the internal breath mantra, and the breathless state which sometimes spontaneously accompanies it.


Lesson 9: Nadi Shodhana Stage 3, AWAKENING KUNDALINI Stage 2

In lesson 9 the Councils of Light summarise the primary techniques in the Energy Lessons that we have been practising.
We then practise the final stage of Nadi Shodhana, with all 3 locks or Bandhas – root, diaphragm & chin locks. (Please master the technique on its own before adding these locks). They explain how the locks assist in raising the energy up Sushumna, the central channel – this is true whether you are practising Alternate Nostril Breathing or simply Complete Breath through both nostrils.}
These techniques are so simple but so profound – even sitting and doing the UJAI breath, allowing the sigh to come from the throat, slowing down and controlling your breath, immersing yourself in the PRANA which is circulating through your body with the breath – this can take you into a higher dimension.
Love love love
Solara An-Ra Goddess of the Light