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This is a 'mini meditation' which you can use on it's own during the day, or as a way to lead you into a meditation as you start.
The BIG SIGH can take you easliy into the 'breathless state', because of the natural pause at the end of the exhalation. Give it a try! :)
  1. Close your eyes, and notice how you’re breathing.
  2. Take a HUGE breath in through your nose, completely filling your lungs. (4 – 6 seconds)
  3. Release the breath through your mouth with no control, allowing any natural sound to be expressed. (1 -2 seconds)
  4. Sink into the space of ‘no breath’ at the end of the out-breath, savouring the quietness that is there before the in-breath naturally returns.
  5. Notice the difference in your breathing now – it is likely to be slower/deeper/ more relaxed. Is there a shift in how you feel – perhaps calmer/more focused or relaxed?
You can use ‘the big sigh’ to shift your emotional/mental state. To do this you need a clear intention, for instance “I let go of my anger/frustration/tension/tiredness now. I refocus.”
I have always found it useful to say an affirmation like this out loud, but you could say it silently as well – the key is to consciously use the sigh to achieve the state of mind you wish to return to.
The quiet space of ‘no breath’ at the end of the sigh can be a sublimely peaceful experience if you sink into it. It stills your busy mind – and doing that even for a few seconds is hugely worthwhile!