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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



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I am  posting this download to encourage as many tribe as possible all over the globe to chant  this mantra, given by my Pleiadian guides. This is an urgent call to use the mantra in a new way - rather than the original explanation which was given, to awaken our individual third eyes - our intention on this weekend with the mantra is to draw Gaia's potent crystal core energy up to awaken ALL OF HUMANITY from the dream of duality, so that we move into Unity Consciousness. This is in alignment with the Divine Plan which was set in place at the conception of our Universe, that we move into Unity or Christ Consciousness at this precise time where we move into the 9th and final wave of the Mayan Calendar. See below

Guidance on the mantra OM NYALIMAN SHANTI

West Kennet Long barrow (nearly sunset) - 4 July 2009

(A 'Mudra' is a hand position - prayer Mudra = your hands together as when you 'Namaste'.)

We, the ones who have given the ‘Om Nyaliman Shanti’, speak further on it now.

The OM you are aware of as the sound of all creation – the vibration of the ah-oo-mm resonance holds within it the word of God, and as the word of God was the first step in creation, this is what we refer to. OM holds the vibration of that – of source energy – in its manifestation upon the Earth plane in your case.

NYALIMAN is a sacred word – it is a secret word. Within the vibration of the NYA –LI-MAN there is an essence which has been used by the priests and priestesses of Atlantis in calling the Earth energies to arise. This calling was used by them in the creation of the electromagnetic grid – and now you, sweet brothers and sisters of ours, aware of it or no – are recreating the new electromagnetic grid!

The NYA-LI-MAN was used by the priests and priestesses as much as it was used by the ones who threw the bones and stones - the ‘witch doctors’ in your terms. NYALIMAN is a secret word which allows you to raise the Earth’s natural electromagnetic forces in order for you to awaken your third eyes.

It is necessary, if you choose to use this sacred word and mantra that you have clarity within yourselves about what aspect of your extra-sensory perception you wish to awaken. Do you wish to be able to transmit telepathically? Do you wish to be able to see into others bodies for healing purposes? What do you wish dear ones within the awakening of your extra-sensory preceptors?

You do not wish to hear every other thought emanated by your tribe, do you dear ones? So have clarity is what we say – have clarity in how you wish your third eye to be awakened. For we say that you will be most served by your intention to simply see through illusion – see through illusion in the words of others; see through illusion in the newspapers and politician’s words; see through the veils that would trap you into drama. This is, and always will be, of the highest service to you.

And so, if this resonates with you (and if only) then you may use this mantra –

OM (hands in prayer mudra, touching the heart), with great gratitude to all that has been manifest in your glorious world, on your perfectly beautiful planet!

NYALIMAN ( hands to the Earth), as you draw (with her permission) the powerful Earth energies UP from her body ...

SHANTI (hands touch your third eye in prayer mudra with SHAN, then raise up into the air with TI!), to awaken your third eye to see through the veils!
You know that SHANTI means peace – peace is the result which is manifest from this.

We wish you well dear ones. We feel you smile, we feel your excitement, we feel your joy, we feel your connection and reconnection with each other, with your true selves, with the body of Gaia, with the Star Nations.

Om Nyaliman Shanti! Namaste.