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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Ascension Grid Activation Meditation

Listen to/download the meditation here

Written Transcript: (scroll down for French & Spanish translations)
Move into your hearts now, dear ones. Move first into the emerald green of Anahata, your personal heart centre, placing one or both hands on your hearts. Allow yourselves to feel a wonderful sense of melting open expansion, emerald green radiating into your aura and beyond. Recognise that this heart centre is that from which you love and are loved. Your first experience of love in the third dimension comes from this place, Anahata.
And now raise your hands slightly, to the upper chest – and experience the Higher Heart, Sacred Heart chakra. And this emanates a gentle, soft, expansive, pink energy. This pink energy flows through every cell of your body, permeating your being now. And it expands into your auric field: front, back, left, right, above and below…. and now beyond your aura, into your greater light body. Notice how this makes you feel, the Sacred Heart chakra, pink flowing energy of love in action, awakens you to the higher truth - to the truth that we are all One – to the truth that ALL beings are lovable, regardless of what they are presenting on the outside. This is Christ Consciousness, that which was exemplified by the Jesus Christ Light Being – the ability to love ALL, unconditionally. The Higher Heart has a specific purpose; this purpose of being able to see ALL others as lovable.
And so we wish you now to visualise that you are standing or sitting in a great circle that encompasses your entire globe. And you are holding hands in a great circle, in which every single man, woman and child on your planet now, is included. In this great circle now you feel unconditional love flowing between you. This visualisation literally sends love to ALL of those who need it right now. Those who you call ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ need love more than anyone. And love flows now, a melting, healing, expanding, pink love force flowing through the hands, the arms and hearts of every being in the circle, your Light Tribe of Gaia.
Visualise now in the centre of your circle a crystal – and as a unified force field, we call Light now into that crystal. We call Light from Prime Creator; an intense, burning, bright, white light pouring into the crystal and igniting it now. It becomes a flame that opens a portal into the space right here, right now.
And now we perceive the Christ Consciousness dodecahedral Grid, 60 miles/100 kilometres above the Earth’s surface, encompassing the entire Earth planet now. And this beautiful Grid, placed by the Ascended Masters, lights up now – pink, crystalline energy igniting all around the planet, assisting ALL beings on the planet to awaken to this higher frequency now.
We ask you, people of Terra, if this resonates in your heart, to do this visualisation and meditation as often as possible in this year of 2017. To choose a crystal, either rose, amethyst, or clear quartz or selenite to be the centre point of an altar, either in your abode or outside in nature, and to call the Light of Source a daily into this crystal so it becomes a burning flame, a torch, opening a portal in this space that allows the energy of the Christ Consciousness Grid to activate, to light up. We ask you to visualise the flame (the crystal in the centre), the circle of ALL beings on Earth united, energy, love flowing through the circle and around your planet, the crystalline energy of the Christ Consciousness Grid. When you think about this with love, it activates, dear ones, the power becomes stronger. And the energy which flows from this crystalline Grid allows you to awaken further; raises your vibrations exponentially, so that you truly may experience yourselves as crystalline, angelic beings of Light come to this planet in order to assist in the birthing of the New Age, the Golden Age of Light on Terra.
And so it is. Namaste.