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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Third Eye-Pineal Awakener Meditation (8 minutes)
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This amazing meditation uses the tantric Solar (Shiva-God) & Lunar (Shakti-Goddess) forces to awaken the third eye & pineal gland. The point between the brows is the masculine portal to Ajna, while the medulla oblongata, where the neck meets the head, is the feminine entrance. The pathway between the 2 is called ‘The Psychic Bridge’, leading to the third ventricle in the exact geometric centre of the head, the ‘Cave of Brahma’ which houses the pineal gland - the true third eye.


WRITTEN: Third Eye-Pineal Awakener Meditation

Slow your breathing down, and touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Smile inwardly, allowing the love from a gentle smile on your lips to radiate through your body like light, sending unconditional love to yourself.
Visualise a shimmering golden ball of light between your brows on your forehead. This golden sun is placed at the masculine or Shiva-God entrance to your third eye. From this point, visualise a bridge of Light which arches back into the centre of your head, and then down to your medulla oblongata, where your head meets your neck. Visualise a beautiful magnetic silver ball, like the full moon, at this feminine or Shakti-Goddess entrance to the third eye. We are going to activate the third eye and pineal gland using these solar and lunar balls of light, drawing them into the head across the psychic bridge.
1. See the golden ball between your brows now, and with your next in-breath draw the ball into in the centre of your head, into the ‘Cave of Brahma’. See it sparkling as you hold. Leave the ball there as you exhale.
2. Again, breathe the solar ball along the psychic bridge, in the crystal cave to bathe the pineal gland. Leave it there, exhaling back to the brows.
3. Breathe the sparkling solar energy into the third eye, bringing warmth and radiance to the cave. Exhale.
4. Golden ball in, hold it there. Exhale.
5. For the last time time, inhale the golden light into the sacred cave, igniting the pineal gland.
1. With this exhalation bring your awareness to the back of your head where it meets your neck, imagining a ball of silver light there. Inhale the silver ball forward into the centre of your head, feeling it’s magnetic lunar energy in the cave. Leave it there as you exhale back to the medulla oblongata.
2. Draw the silver ball into the crystal cave again with your in-breath. Feel it merging with the gold light, leaving it there as you exhale.
3. Silver, lunar ball in. Feel it’s deep, drawing energy magnetising the fluids the pineal is bathed in. Exhale.
4. Lunar, magnetic energy across the psychic bridge into the cave. Exhale.
5. Finally, as the silver ball reaches the crystal cave this time the gold and silver balls ignite into bright white light! Hold for as long as you like this time, experiencing your whole head filled with brilliant white Light.
Sit quietly, feeling the white light starting to fill your whole body. The light spills into your aura now, and you experience yourself as a Being of White Light, radiating your light out to the world.
You are one with the cosmos! Your pineal and therefore third eye is awakening, so that you become aware that everything in the universe is made of energy. You see through the delusion that our world is only what we see from a third dimensional perspective. We are beings of Light in a world of dancing energy!