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Connection With Our Father Sun

From 'Ascension in the Palm of your Hand'
(10 mins) Click here to listen or download

In order to connect with our great Sun-star in this meditation, you may sit outdoors on the body of Gaia. But you may also visualise the sun if you are indoors, or if the day is cloudy, or even if the blanket of dark has descended in your hemisphere. Remember that the great light of our Sun shines always on our planet, during every moment of our 24 hours, as we spin with Gaia toward Him and away again.

Our Sun is a portal or doorway into higher dimensions. Source energy streams first through the heart of our galaxy, and then through the portal of our Sun, directly to our planet. Our Sun holds the light of the Creator’s love, and beams it down to us continuously, day and night. Connecting with Him, in a state of love and gratitude, assists our connection with source, and therefore our ascension into the light.