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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


 One Heart Light-Tribe Meditation

Music from 'Temple of the Stars' by Anima

Download/listen to meditation here

Written Transcript: One Heart Meditation
Dear Earth People, open your hearts in love and joy! You are here on this planet at this time for you have chosen this. And all of you have chosen to be together on the planet at this time to assist each other. This meditation will unite all of you in whom the One-Heart frequency is activated so that your combined strengths and powers allow the Light to spread far and wide.
Sit comfortably now, dear ones, and say out loud ‘I open my heart in LOVE and gratitude now!’ As you do this the vibration of Love is activated within your physical cells and your aura flows with the true pink energy of LOVE-in-motion.
Place both hands in the centre of your chests now. Say out loud ‘The One-Heart is activated within me now!’ and feel the turquoise crystalline Light of the One-Heart spinning through the pink, flowing into your auric field. Smile now, moving into a state of bliss, LOVE and gratitude for all-that-is: gratitude for the beauty of Earth - her flowing oceans and rivers, her deep, powerful forests, the beauty of her many beings - crawling, walking, flying, slithering. And open your heart in love and gratitude for your family – for all those that love and support you – for the synchronicities that have led you forward on your path.
Open your heart now to all being on the Earth who are awake now, whose hearts are open. Use the One-Heart mudra if you choose dear ones – forefingers and thumbs in a heart with the wings flying through your other fingers. Know that your One-Hearts are resonating with each other now! Feel the flow between your One-Heart resonance and all others on Gaia in whom this is activated. Feel your aura strengthening, your emotions calming. Feel a deep peace and strength arising in you now. And sit with your hands in the peace mudra, one hand on top of the other on your lap.
Imagine all others who practise this meditation through the time-line flowing in these energies with you now. Aaaaah, sisters and brothers of the Light, all of you now in One-Heart resonance. The great grandmother Web of Light joins you now so that your LOVE, your wishes for peace and Light on the Earth planet; your desire to be of service, your intention to follow the signs that lead you forward on your path, your healing and intuitive powers - all of these, dear ones, are in resonance with each other, and you are lighting up and strengthening each other through the grandmother web of Light & Love. The great force of the creator, the force of LOVE is in action now, healing and strengthening each one of you.
Hold this visualisation now of all of you awakened ones joined through the Web of Light. And now bring into your consciousness those who are still asleep, those in whom the light is not yet strong, those who have previously been Warriors of the Light, peacemakers, healers, but who have slid into disillusionment, those  who are ill beyond repair and are preparing to leave the planet, those who have lost their ways to the darkness. All of these ones, bring them into your consciousness and see now how the powerful Light which moves through the web is lighting them up also, is lifting them up! Feel, dear ones, how your amplified Light and LOVE flowing around the globe now, is spilling into the auras of those who have lost their way. Feel joy as you tune into these ones, and not pain. You must trust that your clear, pure intentions for the good, your intention to be of service, that this is enough to light the way for the others. You understand in this moment that your joy is needed and not your sorrow, that your peace is needed and not your anxiety, and that you are duty-bound to bring yourselves into a place of peace and joy as often as possible, so that this becomes the default emotion within your energy bodies.
Your One-Heart centres are magical tools - awakened enlightened versions of your personal heart centres. When you are connected through your One-Hearts no negative energy may flow between you. Know that this is one of your combined strengths at this time – your ability to activate the One-Heart frequency within you and to stimulate this awakening within others. Come back to this visualisation as often as possible - the visualisation of all others on Earth who are awakened, sitting with you in open heart, saying out loud ‘I activate the One-Heart within me now!’ The One-Heart is truly the heart chakra of your Higher Self, of your Golden Angel presence – and as you come into alignment with this highest aspect of yourself you are transformed.
It is important that when you bring those into your awareness who have lost their way or who are ill and dying, that you maintain the frequency of LOVE, Light, joy within you – for if you move into sorrow or despair, then you cannot assist. The easiest way to bring yourself into this higher frequency is to activate gratitude within your emotional field – to think of those things that you love – the dolphins, the wales, your own dogs and cats, all beloved children of the earth plane, nature in all its glory and beauty and power, all those who love and support you. Bringing these things into your consciousness, things that you are truly grateful for, these lighten your vibration beyond measure. And smile dear ones – smile the smile of the enlightened Buddha – the smile that acknowledges that all suffering is illusion.
And so it is. Namaste.